Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Help me out!

I'm typing this post up at 3am on Saturday. I'm supposed to be cleaning but I take a break every 30 minutes because I have ADD and can't focus on one thing. Anyway, I'm watching HGTV and feeling inspired. A few weeks ago Nerd Girl posted pictures of the mini makeover she planned on doing in her house. Since, according to my plans, we'll be renewing our lease here, I want to do a bit more in the decorating department. There is a slight problem though, I am color challenged. My mom and TheCount call it tacky, I call it "hey I love blue, purple, AND pink, so why not put them all together?" If left to my own devices my entire house would be decorated in jewel tones and look like a Bollywood movie. I will now ask for help from you guys. Once I finish cleaning, I'm going to post pictures and ask for your opinions...

Alright, 13 hours later, I've got the house cleaned and pictures done. So here we go. As usual, all things that I expect an opinion on are bolded for your convenience :) NO excuses folks!

We have this rocking chair that we got from my moms friend. It doesn't fit in now, but I'm saving it for when we get our house because I want to put it on my front porch (I'm an old woman if y'all didn't know). It's in our living room now and the brown wood just doesn't fit in with our black black and tan furniture. Do you think it would be tacky if I painted it? At the very least that horrid floral display has got to go! Oh and I wanted to pot something in those planters next to the chair, but I sure am lazy and haven't bought anything for them.

This is TheCount's man chair. It has really high arms, do you think a toss pillow would look right on there or should I leave the toss pillows for the big couch? Since I have more blankets than any one living room should that's what is in the chair right now. My mom made it for all the girls in my wedding and it folds up into little pouch. A toss pillow would probably be the same size. What y'all think? Would a pillow look silly?

Close up of the couch. Ignore the magazines and the arts and crafts project I was working on. Oh yeah, and that's my new laptop. Much better than the old one huh? It looks little, but it's not a mini, the couch is just big.

Now for the big question what color should I decorate with? All the furniture is just like what you see next to the couch. The lion picture is the only artwork we have in the room. We don't have any rugs either because 1. I suck at color choices and 2. those thangs is expensive. Once somebody helps me pick some pillow colors, I'll get some matching ribbon and decorate our lampshades because they bore me to pieces. Ok opinions people! Colors, ideas, inspiration, store suggestions? Help me out!

don't make me have to get blog violent somebody better help me...


Nerd Girl said...

I am in no position to dispense advice - I have done NOTHING toward making my study loverly. Nothing. But, since you demanded help, I feel semi-obligated to oblige :)

1. Wouldn't be tacky at all to paint the chair. The chair looks like it has a high gloss on it, so make sure you "rough" it up a little with some sandpaper so the new paint will stick.

2. Toss pillow wouldn't look silly, but if that's where the Count is all the time, the pillow spend more time on the couch than on the chair.

3. I'm a neutral loving girl myself, so I'm not sure my color choices would work for you. I love tans, browns, oranges, greens.

Email me if you want - I've recently stumbled across some home decorating blogs that are inspiring me to (eventually) kick it up!

kisz4tj said...

I love throw pillows, so I think both pieces could accomodate them. For the chair, just one.

Color..well my walls are pinkish/mauve and a dark plum...let me know if you wanna see a pic, but experiment its just paint. I love jewel tones.

Jazz said...

i think you should stick to a neutral color scheme - i cant really see the count living in a pink living room .
I also think the chair needs a throw pillow , and finally I think the rocking chair would be cool black

Product Junkie Diva said...

If you go to home depot, they have colors already set on swatches so you can see which colors work best together.
Your place looks lovely :-)

Mrs Count said...

Thanks everybody for the help. I'll be sure to post pictures when I'm done :)

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