Thursday, October 29, 2009

I have been laughing nonstop

Yesterday turned into a great day. My officemate left early, I had lunch with a coworker, I got 2 packages in the mail, and night one of the women's conference at church was excellent. I'm tired as all get out now, but I can tell today is going to be an even better day. I heard some funny stuff yesterday:
7 year old: Daddy can I have a pickle?
Dad: What? A pickle? Pickles are for girls, men don't eat pickles. What's wrong with you boy?
19 year old: Is there sp.erm in
SisterTM: Yesss
19yo: Oh well then he's going to have to keep that con.dom on then.
{where did she think it came from? Does she know how babies are made? Dear God, how did she make it to college?}
SisterTM: I had a dream you had a baby
Me: Hahahahaha
SisterTM: Girl it was crazy. You had it right in the kitchen while daddy was cooking dinner. The baby looked just like TheCount. It was the cutest baby I have ever seen. You gotta hurry up and have a baby.
Me: Give me 3 years
SisterTM: I'm getting married in 3 years, you can't be in my wedding pregnant or if you're over a size 10 so you better watch it. Tell your momma she is on notice too.
Me: SisterTM!
SisterTM: I'm playing girl, but if your water breaks during the ceremony, you better stand there. If the baby slips out, you pick it up and hide it behind the flowers and walk out- in the recessional, after I've left. Give the baby to Jonathan, take the pictures and then go to the hospital.
Mom: SisterTM don't talk about Boyfriend like she used to, they alright?
Me: Yeah
Mom: The way she talk's, it seems like a holy relationship.
Me: mmmhhhhmmm
Mom: But since it's SisterTM, I know it's not.


Product Junkie Diva said...

dang poor kid just wanted a

Jazz said...

LOL , this is funny . The last one sounds like something me and my mom would say

kisz4tj said...

I love this

What 19 yo was this???

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