Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What am I talking about?

I emailed myself a picture so I could show you guys the boots I got last month, and my cool tights, and the bottom of the purple dress I'm wearing today, but it's taking forever, so just check back later to see the bottom half of my outfit. "Work Appropriate" means nothing to me, so I'm sure my look today isn't. Yesterday I looked awful! I ran out of my Pantene Relaxed & Natural deep conditioner (the one in the brown tub) so my hair turned out horribly! It was dry, and tangled, and then it got really hard. I still cornrowed it for my braidout but when i took it out it was huge- and not in a cute way. I also had on ill fitting clothes yesterday. My shirt was too big in the shoulders and my pants were too short. Me oh my, what a dreadful sight! Today I decided that I would go the complete opposite and look like a streetwalker (ok, not really, but I don't look like 10am). I went hunting around town for my deep conditioner and couldn't find it anywhere except the beauty supply store by my house, for $8.59. This is frigging Pantene, I know I didn't pay more than $5 last time I got it, but I can't remember which Wal-Mart I was at. You better believe the next time I find this stuff I'm buying everything on the shelf (a la PJD style. My hair rebels against me when I don't have it. Since I had to pick my hubby up at the airport last night, I couldn't wash my hair until 9pm. I rinsed, put the conditioner on and went to fix dinner ;)
TheCount: Dag, I should have stopped and got food. I'm hungry
Me: Oh baby, I fixed dinner
TheCount: realllyyy excited You did?!
Me: Yeah, come on
He followed me in the kitchen and I opened the fridge...and pulled out a gallon of milk. Then I reached up and handed him a box of Frosted Flakes. The look on his face was priceless!
Me: Here you go baby, eat up!
Y'all know I think I'm funny right? I figure I'll resume cooking next week, but I kind of like that this week's groceries only cost $5.69 (Walgreen's has Kellogg's cereal and milk on sale FYI).
Anyway, I also made an herbal rinse to pour over my hair after I finished washing. Since I was pressed for time and sleepy, I used the blow dryer on low for a few minutes because I can not braid my hair while it's wet. I took 2 hours to put in 7 cornrows and hopped in the bed. I have completely forgotten what this post is about, so I need to wrap it up. We're taking my bestie out to dinner because her birthday was on Saturday. I have on my hooker eye make up to go with my knee boots and fancy tights. I'm trying to take a picture of my face, but I keep forgetting my office mate is here today and I look crazy holding my phone all up in the air while trying not to make my head took big.  While I'm on this pattern of this non focused post I want a rug for the living room- I think I'm going to go look at lunch today.


Nerd Girl said...

You are killing me with these dinners! Poor Count. Kinda. LOL!

pserendipity said...

Go on and fix the Count something to eat!

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL 2 giving a grown man cereal ....awww and he was all excited..LOL
Thanks for the SHOUTOUTTTTTT

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