Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leave happy comments!

I would like to fast forward life into next week. Monday I was an idiot. Tuesday I was irritated. Today I don't feel like being bothered. Geezy peezy I need some good things to happen so I can snap out of it. Currently I'm listening to somebody talk with a  mouth full of food. I'm plotting how I can throw my stapler at the back of her head and make it seem like an accident. 
Let's get happy... I did get a rug that I looovvveee from Kohl's last night for 55% off (Kohl's has become my new hangout spot. I got so mad at Macy's and their coupons that are good toward absolutely nothing of value that I was so happy when Kohl's actually lets their coupons be used on anything). As soon as I get my next set of pillows this Friday I'll be posting pictures.
Pserendipity has me dancing in my seat this morning. I am so excited about this blog Christmas that I don't know what to do. I love gift giving! If you want to participate (and you ain't no stranger) comment on her post!
I had some banging lobster mac n cheese yesterday. I am now on a quest to find a place to get some today.
My boss is pregnant! I love babies, and baby showers, and pregnant women, and bosses that don't come into work because they're too tired and have morning sickness...ummm I don't think I was supposed to type that last part.
I went to my coworkers house on Monday. Her house is so beautiful. I love having a vision for the future. She already promised to help me decorate my kids' rooms in a few years. Her house felt like a home- I love that.
I have a nice shipment of hand soap and candles coming in from Bath and Body Works this week. Our apartment will feel home-y in to time.
The sun is coming out! Oh Jesus, you must have known I needed some extra loving today, let me go read these 519 posts in my google reader so I can find some more things to smile about.


pserendipity said...

I love decorating, and Kohls is one of my favorite stores! You're getting your house all homey and stuff. I like it! Pictures?

Glad you like the blog Christmas. I think its gonna be GREAT!

Product Junkie Diva said...

awww you have so many things to smile about, but I know we all have those days.
LOl at the person talking with a full YUCK.

kisz4tj said...

I've never given Kohl's the time of day. I've actually stuck up my nose at it. Kohl's seems like...seems becuz I've never been in seems to be to department stores, what moms jeans are to the denim. I know that makes nose sense..just smile and nod.

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