Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tricks and Treats

Yesterday afternoon as I was getting up to leave for the day I get a call:
Receptionist: "You have a package at the front desk my dear."
Me:hmmm, I'm not expecting a package, it might be a bomb, I'm not going to open it "ok, I'm coming"
I get to the front desk and see that I have a flower delivery :) I have never gotten flowers delivered to me before so I was really happy and assumed they were from TheCount. I called him and thanked him for the flowers and he said they weren't from him. We went back and forth for a few minutes and he kept insisting. So I get off the phone and panic. The only other people that know where I work are the people at work and if one of these dudes sent me flowers I was gonna be pissed. I went over to my work pals and told them what happened. They laughed and suggested that I get YoungBlackDude to walk me out in case the only person crazy enough to send me flowers was out there.
Sidenote: YoungBlackDude's parents have failed with him. He is sooooo not a gentleman. In fact, when it was suggested that I ask him, I told the girl, "he is not a gentleman, he isn't going to want to do it. I had to darn near beg him to get him to help me carry a box to my car once. I even took the heavier box so he would stop whining." True to form, when she asked YoungBlackDude to escort me to my car this negro said, "If I walk out the door, I'm not coming back. You need to wait 15 minutes until I'm off." He is so lame. He also needs to stop playing and find a wife- he's 27 and his hairline is receding, he better hurry because I don't think he'd be cute bald.
Anyway, by the time I got home, I'd composed a full list of coworkers that would think sending me flowers was ok. I get in the house and find TheCount cracking up. He sent the flowers and he wanted to scare me. He knew I would think somebody was out to get me.
I'm glad he got a kick out of that because he took away all the guilt I had yesterday about what I have planned for him. On our anniversary from hell, we were talking about different things and the subject of dinner came up. I love cooking, I love trying new recipes and being creative in the kitchen. Well TheCount pointed out he didn't need all of that. All the time I spend in the kitchen he would rather spend with me. It was a nice thought- in theory- but I really think he just wants to get out of having to clean the kitchen. It takes me an hour at the most to fix dinner and he normally isn't even home for half of it. So yesterday I implemented a plan. We will be having the same thing for dinner every day of the week. This week it's sandwiches. Just a plain ol' sandwich. Bread, meat, cheese, pickles, tomato. I made it yesterday and it took me all of 5 minutes and the only dish was a knife- so I could go spend time with my baby. My baby that played video games from before I got home until after I went to bed. Hmmm, I'm beginning to think that my suspicions were correct- he just doesn't want to clean the kitchen. Next week's meal will be white rice and baked chicken- the only dishes will be a pot, pan, 2 plates and 2 forks. How's that for simple? There will be nothing to soak because I won't use sauce or anything ;) The week after that will probably be cereal week. With all the money I'm saving on groceries, I will be going out to lunch- because I need more variety. We play too much, huh? LOL


Anonymous said...

Y'all both are a mess!~

SimplyB said...

LOL!! I LOVE your idea and I think your suspicions are spot on.

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOl @ Mr. C. Maybe if you used paper plates instead on some nights like maybe Friday, it would lighten his workload..LOL

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