Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I've been married for a year!

If you aren't on twitter, then you won't know of the events from our actual anniversary on Sunday. It's not worth repeating, but it's summed up like this: we both looked at each other and said "well, we know every other anniversary has to be better than this."
Our trip to Atlantic City was fun though, and I didn't have to drive :) I'll do the price break downs as I recap the day.
We paid about $15 in tolls on the way up to New Jersey. It was getting quite ridiculous and the traffic leading up to the tolls took up so much time. Of course we went to the Waffle House, as we do on every single road trip. So our dinner Friday night cost $17.  While at dinner we realized that TheCount left some necessary things at home so we made a little $15 trip to Rite Aid. When we got to Atlantic City it was midnight so we just checked into the hotel. Our room was nice, it was on the 28th floor so we had a good view of the boardwalk and the ocean. The bathtub/shower wall was a window right next to the bed- I don't know if I'm describing it correctly, but if you were sitting on the bed you could look directly into the shower because of the big glass window. It had a curtain, but you could definitely still see through it.
Saturday morning we got up early and went to ride bikes for an hour ($16). Neither of us had ridden in about 12 years, so we were happy to discover that it's true, you don't forget how to ride a bike. For lunch we went to Megan's Grill and Pub, the food was delicious! I had some macaroni and cheese with lobster, blue crab, and shrimp, and TheCount had barbecue chicken, coleslaw, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. It ended up being $50 with tip included- so not cheap, but it was tasty enough to be worth it. Our dinner that night came courtesy of the boardwalk: 2 slices of pizza, a cheesesteak, french fries, and a hot tea (18.50). Sunday morning my parents came up and took us out to breakfast.
I think we did really well, $130 for a weekend trip isn't bad at all. There were some outlets a few blocks away, but we didn't go. I don't window shop. If I see it and I want it and I know I can afford it, I will buy it. I always find sales, I always get good prices and knowing that about myself I stayed away. They had a BCBG, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and Bath and Body Works. Those 4 stores alone would have led to me buying my winter wardrobe that I don't need- but I want. TheCount just couldn't understand why I wouldn't go to the store. He can look and not buy. I can't and if you try and stop me it won't end well for you. I know my limitations.
I have some pictures that I'll post later this week :)


laughing808 said...

well happy belated one year annivesary.......and yeah each one gets better. I'll celebrate my 4th wedding annivesary next month and this year we are going on a cruise.

At any rate, I meant to drop you a line or two to let you know we went back to Massanutten this weekend. We did a few things we haven't done the past few times we were there like go-kart and the arcade. Oh and we also had to do a 2.5 timeshare presentation. But the weekend was on them and we stayed in Eagle Trace this time with flat screen TV's!!!!

Nerd Girl said...

Happy Belated Anniversary - the best is yet to come!

Waiting patiently on pics...

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