Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I need a new lamp for the bedroom

Today's picture is brought to you courtesy of Dumpster Diver's everywhere. This is the finished product of the tv stand thingy I got from the dumpster. Since we live in a one bedroom apartment, storage is constantly a need. Our front door coat closet houses all of TheCount 2millionand5 coats, our holiday decorations, and luggage. Our linen closet is full with thick fluffy towels, tools, and our candles/detergent/carpet cleaner/febreeze/wood polish?/extra deodorant/bandaids/hand soap. The closet in our bedroom is bursting at the seams with my stuff, and under the bed we have TheCount's shoes and my out of season clothes. With everything having a specific place, we needed some extra room for our bed linens. We decided to put the tv stand thingy at the foot of the bed and put the linens and my nail polish container in there. On top I normally lay out my clothes for the next day (on the right), my purse (in the middle), and pajama's and house socks (on the left). It's a nice fit because our bed is realllyyyy high off the ground, so the tv stand thingy doesn't overwhelm the room or stick out causing bumped toes or knees.

And for a random tip of the day: If you were engaged to a guy that admitted he cheated on you and you stayed engaged, fine, that's your right. If he made you take a 4 hour trip and called off your wedding a month before it was going to happen and your parent's then had to drive and pick you up because he wouldn't take you home and you were still praying that God would bring you guys together, you're pushing it, but fine, whatever, it's your life. If you find out he got his jumpoff pregnant and he's telling you she is the love of his life after knowing her for less than a year and he was with you for 4 and you're STILL praying that God will bring you together, the answer is clear: God has stopped listening to you because you ask for dumb stuff. Now, God didn't tell me this personally, but I'm pretty sure in this case, I can speak on his behalf.


Serenity3-0 said...

Wow. That scenario is crazy. But I know first hand how we overlook stuff when we've stayed for so damn long..

kisz4tj said...

I'm wondering if you laid on the floor to take that pic.

I'm shaking my head at you being God's advocate, but even MORE so that poor girl. Shame. Is she really praying...you're just making that up right? RIGHT! *sigh*

Good job on your find.

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