Thursday, October 15, 2009


There is an impostor in my office today who keeps deciding it's ok to sit at my desk. He also thinks he is teaching me something when I've long since mastered the art of copy/paste. I also keep having to review Common Sense 101 with him and I'm feeling frustrated. So let's go to the drafts for one of my favorite topics.
How can you not love my meals? Since I suck at actually posting my pictures of recipes, I'll provide you guys with the links to some of the most tasty recipe's I've tried lately. I've made a lot more things, but I only link to foods that I really enjoyed and didn't have to make any modifications to. Click on the links- these bloggers not only come up with good recipes, they take excellent pictures. 
I didn't use a stick because I'm lazy, but they were still good.
I don't remember this one too much, it was a while ago- but I'm 99% sure I liked it.
I made this for a party and TheCount kept eating it days later so it's safe to say it was really good.
These were soooooooooooooo good. If you like uber saucy food then just double the sauce recipe. I only made 15 wings so I had plenty of sauce. I may make these again the next time TheCount goes out of town.
Do you really need an explanation?
Well you can't make these in order to satisfy an instant craving but they were a good midnight snack.
I think I've posted on this here before. 
This is my all time favorite thing to make. It is super easy and delicious. I'm pretty sure this is my third time posting on this particular recipe.


nikkibee said...

u know the link for broiled buffalo wings is actually the baked bean dip??? lol!!! I reeally want to try he wings, can you re-post?

nikkibee said...

I made the bean dip and the kids and I loooovvveee it!!!!!! However, I will probably not add Splenda next time as it was a lil' sweet for my taste...did u alter yours in any way?
Also made the white chicken chili that is on that same lady's site and I like it...we'll see what my kids say about it tonight.

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