Thursday, January 14, 2010

Because y'all needed to know this about my life

Y'all know Boss' Boss didn't acknowledge me yesterday, right? Righttttt. Y'all knew.
For the past few days on twitter, I keep talking about vomit. Real cute of me, I know. My body is trying to be sick which is causing all sorts of uncomfortableness, but I just keep on fighting. One thing about me is my blatant refusal to throw up when I'm sick. My body will try it, and I'll outright refuse. TheCount thinks I'd feel better if I stopped fighting it, but it's gross and I just won't do it. Yesterday night, I contemplated throwing up on him because he wouldn't get out of my face telling me it was time to go to church. I already told his raggedy behind I wasn't going, and he kept insisting. I didn't go, and had been sleep for a good 2 hours by the time he got back home. I woke myself up around 1 am because I was moaning in pain in my sleep. I whined myself awake, how lame is that? TheCount was in the living room preparing some work for today and he forced me to take medicine (I always seem to give in when illness interrupts my sleep) and sit next to him on the couch. I sat next to him and blew my nose and dry heaved into a bowl, it really was quite sexy, I know he wanted me! Since he refused to bring my humidifier into the living room, and I was much too dramatic to carry it myself, I went back in the bedroom and sat next to him while he slept and tried to force myself back to sleep. Every hour or so, I whined myself back awake, I really need to get that under control. I came to work today, simply because I hate using my leave if I'm not going to be enjoying myself. I can be miserable at my desk using somebody elses electricity. I'm not doing too much coughing and sneezing  so I shouldn't get any "if this heffa don't take her sick butt home" side eyes. You can only tell I don't feel well when I talk. Yesterday my office mate so lovingly decided to tell me I sounded terrible every time I opened my mouth. I repayed her love with a little love of my own, and posted a picture of her on twitter in all her cream stretch pant glory. I felt bad about it, so I won't post it here. You should have been on twitter (@mrscount) and you could have been part of the fun.
Crap! I forgot I have a conference call that started 5 minutes ago- gotta go!


Jameil said...

I used to threaten to vomit on Rashan's face when he irritated me. SUPER sexy, right? I know. Vomiting really does make you feel better, though. Not whining in your sleep! Lolol. Your coworker's pants? PROBLEM!! BUT I would totally tell you how horrible you sound if you were coughing etc. all in my space. NASTY! Lolol

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