Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm too busy singing in my head to come up with a title

This morning when I got to work I wrote a letter of apology to a coworker. I said some things to him yesterday that I shouldn't have, and I felt bad about it. I've rethought how I responded to him so if he asks me to clarify what I meant yesterday, I'll be ready. I still stand by my decision that he can't date my sister (and this is a totally different dude from last week) but my reasons why were quite rude, off putting, and wrong.
Can somebody explain to me why my office mate just strolled in here bare legged with capri's on? It is 28 degrees outside- no ma'am.
Am I the only grown female that wears undershirts every day? I always have a cami on underneath my clothes. Winter, summer, spring, and fall. They're only $2.50 from Forever 21, so why not?
This morning as I looked in the mirror, I said aloud to myself, "you can't tell me I'm not cute, I mean, you could try, but I won't believe it!" Sigh, I say the most arrogant things to myself in the mirror. At least this time I didn't say it in a public restroom, with people around!
TheCount helped me twist my hair last night while we watched HGTV. As soon as we finished we promptly fell asleep on the couch snuggled up together- it was a great night. However, when I woke up at midnight I left his sleeping, snoring, sick behind right on that couch and I got in the bed.
A male coworker asked me if I cut my hair. Y'all have seen pictures of me, right? My hair was down past my shoulders before. Were we just making small talk, or was that an honest question?
I made myself a green smoothie for breakfast it was so easy and they're so good, I think I'll try to make one every morning. The only downside is they make me have to go to the bathroom. Was that TMI? Probably, just wanted you to know in case you decide to make one! Just add a few spinach leaves to your fruit smoothie- you can't even taste it, trust me.
I'm off to find some more meatless recipes- if you have some good ones, leave me a link! I made chipotle bean burritos last night that were really good, I'll share the recipe soon.


Product Junkie Diva said...

Ok clearly your sis is hot stuff. She has two men lusting after her after a short visit to your office, please ask her to post a " how to" guide
The guy who asked you if you cut your hair sounds Or maybe he is just a guy who doesn't really notice hair length etc.
I totally don't have hgtv and the food network anymore. I went to watch the Neely's or some show on the food network and i was DENIED. Cable vision was running some commercial talking about some other company would not negotiate and therefore we have lost HGTV and The food network..HUH? They better bring back my food network- I'm not playing either...grrrrr
the fruit smoothie i showed on the blog last week was made this morning and I enjoyed every bit. I have to throw a few veggies in there one day.

Jazz said...

TM you are funny . I think that the guy had a serious question . The reason I say that is because if you had put bantu knots in your old hair and then released them , you would have had a curly fro like you do now.

Anonymous said...

I too wear undershirts with everything. It just feels funny without one

Jameil said...

This spaghetti w/zucchini & garlic is AWESOME!! I would even use more zucchini in it. Great flavor.

I can't stand stupid questions. Did I cut my hair? Did you wake up ugly? How's that. Lololol. I don't hook my sister up w/people either. Or my brother. Find your own dates. Bare legged? Other. I don't wear undershirts daily but sometimes. Yay for snuggling on the couch & hair help! Cute!

kisz4tj said...

I need great good meatless recipes too.

"TheCount helped me twist my hair last night while we watched HGTV. As soon as we finished we promptly fell asleep on the couch snuggled up together- it was a great night" LOVE IT!

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