Monday, January 25, 2010

Smells Good! No More Funk!

I had a great weekend! Friday when I left work I went home and packed my bags so we could spend the weekend at my parents house. We went to church for intercessory prayer Friday night. I did not want to go. Not because I don't like praying, but because I'd never been to an intercessory prayer meeting. The church we go to now is much different from the church I grew up in, sometimes I find some people to be a bit "extra." We had a good time at church praying. Some of the "extra" people were there, but it was cool. I don't know if God is working on them and their "extraness" or me and my patience. Either way, I'm glad everybody was on their act right.
 I washed and twisted my hair Friday night while watching my 4 hours of Criminal Minds (as I do every Friday night). I didn't wake up until 1:30pm on Saturday thanks to a very large dose of cough medicine. I lounged around my parents house by myself because everybody had things to do (Walmart and the barbershop) and nobody would let me go with them. That evening we got all glammed up to go to my company Christmas party that finally got rescheduled. I wore the exact same thing I wore to my other company Christmas party last month (different company, different group of people) so I knew I was cute. Our table was only half full, and there was this really obnoxious dude at the table. I think he felt the "get away" vibes because he went and sat in the lobby right after the meal. For our evening entertainment we had two comedians. The first comedian bombed. Oh my goodness it was so painful, but he was not funny! Thankfully his set was only about 5 minutes. The main comedian was really funny though. It made me feel bad for the other dude though. We left early because we don't dance or drink and that's all that was going on. Did I mention I won $200. Yeah, y'all I won $200. I almost praise danced across the floor, thankya Jesus! Good looking out. They picked my name out of a hat and that was that! When we got back to my parents house my mom came running out of the room because she wanted to see my outfit. I had texted her what I was wearing (Black ruffle shirt from Walmart, Black blazer from Ann Taylor, Black and tan mini skirt from forever21, black tights from Walmart and 4 inch nine west pumps) and my parents couldn't envision what I was saying and they couldn't believe I had on a mini skirt.
Sunday I ended up working in the nursery at church (probably more on this to come) even though it wasn't my Sunday to be in there. I was tired when I left there! It was a really busy Sunday and there was a 5 minute period when we thought we lost a child, y'all have not seen panic and fear until you think you've lost somebody's child. I was about to flee the country I was so terrified and confused (I put gates up in front of the door because 15-24 month old like to escape). We were switching out staff because they were doing something special in the sanctuary and each of us had to go get consecrated and when all of our relief was gone and the original staff was back, we noticed Kennedy was missing. I went running around the halls looking for the staff that just left to ask what happened to this little girl. All of a sudden this lady walks in with her and we all looked at her like "and who is you?" Turns out it was her grandmother and she came to get her so she could be consecrated too. Yeahhhhh, that's why I don't like to switch out staff. Just stay where you belong- unnecessary panic!
After church I went out with my mom and 2 aunties to dinner and a play. Tortoise and Hare Bar and Grille is really good, and if you want to watch football, it's a great place to go. There were 8 TVs showing the Jets vs Colts game and the environment was fun. There was even a cute bartender if you're single and looking! Our waitress was really nice and everybody loved their food. I might go back for a Steelers game next season. The play we went to go see was Stick Fly. I recommend that too. I laughed, I got mad, I was highly entertained. Even a horribly embarrassing episode of me choking and gagging couldn't ruin the play for me. Since we were sitting near the back of the theatre I excused myself and gagged away in the lobby while watching the play on the screen. You know it happened during the climax of the play, right? The play is NOT appropriate for your children because there is cursing and talks of doing the nasty, but using the f-word. Even though I had face scrunched up in disgust at one point, even prudes can enjoy this play. I'm not going to tell y'all how my auntie was trying to encourage my flirtation with one of the actors. I had to walk away because my mouth will get me in trouble! I'm glad I'm married, because I think I would be a groupie if I wasn't.
We didn't get home until 1 am, so I'm tired and I look a hot mess today, but it was worth it! I'm going to have to spend $2.50 of my $200 prize money to go to forever21 right now and buy a camisole today because I look a hot unfinished mess with no undershirt on.


kisz4tj said...

You and your daily

Glad you had a good weekend.

Serenity3-0 said...

Ditto K's comment about the camisole. I found $70 saturday in a bathroom on the floor at a rec center. You would have thought I won the lottery so I can only imagine how you feel winning $200. Can we get some more hair updates? Is your fast over?

Jameil said...

no funk, $200, a great weekend and a delicious restaurant? sounds like life is wunderbar! yippeee!! the nursery sitch = not cool.

Jazz said...

wait : yall dont dance ? I can understand the no dranking thing but no dancing? You and these camisoles are not gon worry me , but real talk I wear a tank top or cami under almost everything too

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