Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can we call out sick?

My mom's birthday is on Sunday. She has been celebrating all month so I've already done some birthday events with her. Tonight she is having a pottery party so I'll be going to that too. I have no problem with this. I am a month long birthday celebrator as well. My problem is my dad (what else is new, lol). He decided he wanted to take my mom out of town for her birthday. Fine. He asked if TheCount and I wanted to go with them. We said depending on where it was, maybe. My mom found out what he was planning (and by found out I mean I told her) and she doesn't even want to go out of town, but she didn't want to rain on my dad's parade. My dad had all these delusions of grandeur that I had to quickly shut down because I wasn't paying for that. He finally decided on Williamsburg, Va. Y'all already know my dad lives in an alternate universe without food groups and where it's ok to tell your adult children how to spend their money. I thought he had moved, but I guess not.
Dad: TM, I put one of the nights in TheCounts name. So y'all are paying for that.
Me: **whatever**
Dad: And y'all are driving.
Me: No we're not
Dad: We're sitting in the back, it's mommy's birthday, she doesn't need to drive.
Me: No we're not
Dad: Yes you are.
Does anybody see something wrong with that scenario? I mean, was I even talking? So not only are we going on a trip we don't want to be on, we're paying for half of it and we're driving? Did I miss the part when he asked us if we would drive. Did I miss the part when he checked with my husband? TheCount called my dad yesterday to get the game plan for the trip. When we were leaving, when we would be back, what we were doing. My dad had no information for him. He didn't even mention the fact that one of the nights was in his name or that we were driving. I guess he only pulls those stunts with me. YOU decide you want to take your wife out of town for her birthday and you get your kids to pay for it. In 25 years, I'm going to try this. I already celebrated my mom's birthday with her. We've gone to two plays and we're doing pottery tonight, why do I have to finance YOUR plans for her?
TheCount: We didn't plan this trip, but after we get off work we're driving to pick up the people that have been home all day then driving 3 hours to their destination where there is nothing planned.Why?
Me: I don't know!
TheCount: Well tell your father no!
Me: I did! The only person he listens to is you, why don't you tell him no.
TheCount: I'm not his child, you are. We're going to show up at their house in your Saturn. Take that PapaTM! I bet he won't make us drive then!
Me: LOL!
My dad thinks this trip is a surprise to my mom except she heard him on the phone with me and he left the reservations in the printer so we're going through this trouble for nothing. Did I mention my momma doesn't want to go either? Why are we doing this again?


Jameil said...

Someone needs to speak up. In my family, that's usually me. Good thing this is your family! I get tired of always being the spokesperson.

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