Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do I detect a hint of sarcasm?

This was my morning prayer today: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you so much for the scientists that created Aleve. Thank you for giving them that wisdom. Bless their lives. Amen. My throat was sore yesterday to the point where by bedtime, I couldn't talk. I woke up in the middle of the night in pain. Finally at 4am I gave in and took 2 aleve. I am not a medicine person. I don't see the point in treating symptoms if it doesn't get rid of the problem. I always feel like if my body is in pain, it's telling me I'm doing something wrong. Taking medicine to make the pain disappear, doesn't fix the problem and makes me think I'm doing more damage. Maybe my throat doesn't want me to talk or swallow, maybe it's trying to go on vacation. Well I took the medicine, so vacation over throat!
Y'all can't tell me my daddy isn't smoking crack in his free time. He wants to take my mom away for her birthday at the end of the month. He wanted TheCount and I to come too. Fine. We talked about some possible locations, and I told him "don't pick anything expensive, because we won't pay you back." A weekend trip for a regular birthday (53) should be $200 (in my cheap opinion). This fool called me yesterday with this loveliness:
Dad: "TM, airtran is having a special, we can go to Vegas for $129 each way- would you want to do that?"
Me: Would I like to pay $516 to fly to a city where we then have to pay for a room and then have to pay for meals and then walk around and look at each other because we don't have any money to go to shows and we don't gamble or drink, is that what you're asking?
Dad: I didn't say it was $500 to fly, I said $129...ohhhh yeah, that's each way, per person. So that's a no?
Me: Daddy, pick somewhere in driving distance. Let's go visit the amish in Pennsylvania, they have good pretzels.
Somebody come get this man!
TheCount was such a lovely husband and fix me lunch this morning. It was the leftovers from dinner- that had been sitting, uncovered, on the stove all night. I understand, he was too busy playing video games to 1:30 am to put the food away, that's a valid excuse. I accidentally left the container by the front door.
How many times to do you think you should have to introduce yourself to somebody before you get offended that they don't remember you? My boss' boss cannot remember who I am. We've had lunch together. Sat in 3 hour meetings with only 10 people in the room, and she comes to this office frequently. Most of the time she just acts like she doesn't see me, and I make a joke of the fact that I don't think she recognizes me. Yesterday morning she was in my boss' office and I needed to get in there.
Me: Good Morning, Lady'sName. I need to forward Boss' phone, excuse me.
Lady: Sure, no problem.
Later on we were in the kitchen. She was talking to WorkFriend and I was commenting too, you know, cuz I know you. She pauses and says:
Lady: I'm sorry, have we met?
Me: (are you serious face) ye...
Lady: (cutting me off) I'm Lady'sName (extends hand)
Me: I know, I'm TM, you're over my account. (still making the are you serious face)
Lady: Oh! I didn't recognize you here. I've never seen you in this building, I've only ever seen you in ClientsBuilding.
Me: (hussy, that ain't true. I see you and speak every time you come here. I spoke to you this morning and addressed you by name. This is about the 10th time we've met in person!) Yeahhhhhhh
It was pointed out to me yesterday that she probably thinks all black people look alike and she can't tell the difference between me and the other 5 black women that work on this floor (despite the fact that I'm 20 years younger than ALL of them). It's funny that a white person came up with that explanation.
I'm about to go walk past her see if she recognizes me today (I'm choosing to ignore the fact that she walked directly into my office and turned around and walked out without speaking already this morning).


NewRibena said...

Smart move leaving that lunch by the would become my DH leftover dinner. My situation at work is a little different. Certain folks only acknowledge me while I'm in the middle of discussions with the "big wigs" - otherwise, it's as if I'm not there...

laughing808 said...

LOL@ Boss's Boss not remembering you. I've been a in a similar situtation where my boss's boss never spokke despite my speaking, so one day on my way into work, I walked right past him (on the street) and didn't speak. Do you know that fool had the nerve to go into my boss's office and tell her "I saw (me) and she didn't speak what is her problem?" (yeah, those exact words) Interesting......

Jameil said...

HEFFA! I can't stand when I've met people multiple times and they still can't remember who I am. Only the old get passes. The rest of them get stone faces. I don't like taking medicines either. I like that you & el counto hang w/your 'rents. It's cute.

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