Friday, January 15, 2010

Lies! All Lies!

I just went to a CousinCount's wedding website and read the story of the proposal- it really was quite cute! She's a teacher and he proposed over the PA at her school and then ran into the library (and pushing one of her students out the way that tried to stop him) and got down on one knee while her friend's recorded and photographed the whole thing. Very, very lovely! My problem is he said his father and future father in law helped him pick the ring. No sir! You came to our apartment, ate up our food (and took home the leftovers), and we went to the mall together and TheCount and I helped you pick out that ring! I even tried it on, so you could see it. TheCount got you a huge discount because he used the work there. Where's my credit man?
Another friend that's getting married asked me for some advice. I told her a location and a photographer- she's going to use them, but conveniently forgot I told her about it. Oh, this was all your bright idea now? Where's my credit man?
I could be a wedding planner extraordinaire, but my word of mouth clients are stealing my shine. What can I expect from people getting married on a Friday and a Monday, trying to be all different and stuff. Get married on Saturday like everybody else! People from miles around need to know about my wedding idea skills, so I can get my business going and be on one of those fancy wedding shows. They are trying to squash my dreams! I'm great and the world needs to know I'm great. I'm going to do a toast at their weddings and totally thank myself for being the inspiration for their day.
{I'm totally kidding guys, I really don't want the credit- I just thought it was funny he completely lied (or forgot) about the ring situation. I really am great at wedding ideas though- and I'm thrifty! I also have lots of time on my hands, so if you ever need help, holla at me!}


Serenity3-0 said...

Maybe you should open a wedding planning business on the side. Don't waste your talents.

Jameil said...

girl i was like this ain't about her! that j/k was... interesting aka half-hearted. lol

kisz4tj said...

You make me laugh. I guess dude is trying to score brownie points with the parents by making them feel included.

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