Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You can't be serious

Dad: So do you want me to fix y'all a vegetarian lunch?
Me: Sure
Dad: So what can y'all eat?
Me: Anything except meat and sweets.
Dad: Soooo, can y'all have salads with beans in it?
Me: Yes
****The next day***
Dad: Can y'all have lobster?
Me: No, nothing that walks, swims, flys or crawls- no meat.
Dad: Oh ok. But y'all can have lettuce, right?
Me: Yes (ok, this is getting annoying now)
****As we're fixing our salads***
Dad: So, no lobster in your salad, right?
Me, TheCount, Ma: Right!
Dad: So what can y'all eat?
Me: (rolling eyes and neck) anything except for meats and sweets.
***One hour later while driving in the car***
Dad: Can y'all have cheese toast?
Ma: Are you serious?
Dad: It's not funny, I'm just trying to figure out what they can eat. How should I know what they can eat or not?
Ma: PapaTM, they can have anything except meat and dessert. Does that help?
***4 hours later at dinner***
Dad: Y'all want some of my steak and shrimp stew? (30 minutes later) How about some of this cheesecake?
I'm going to assume my daddy was absent the day they went over food groups in school.


Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I'm going to assume my daddy was absent the day they went over food groups in school.---That is a classic line. I often wonder where my parents were at certain times. Cuz they can be sooo.....(you fill in the word) LOL

Nerd Girl said...

That is hilarious!

Having grown up a semi-vegetarian (seafood only) I am not surprised -you wouldn't believe how many people have a difficult time grasping the "no meat" concept.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Your dad is just as funny as you are, even though he wasn't trying to make jokes..lol
Hey Mrs. YF- you following me?

Jameil said...

lol!!!... but only that it's happening to you!! i would LOSE IT if it happened to me!!!

Ieisha said...

I'm sitting in class about to crack up laughing reading that!

Some stories, you just can't fabricate.

Your dad is funny!!!

kisz4tj said...

I can't! This was sooo funny.

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