Thursday, June 5, 2008

Black out!

This week has been so crazy! Aside from spending more at the doctor and pharmacy in one week then I probably have in my entire life, and having to take more pills then I ever plan to take again, there is even more craziness. Well yesterday God decided to open the heavens and empty all of the rain right over my building at work. What was the result? POWER OUTAGE!!! I was so excited, I love it when I have an excuse for not doing work. Then the phone lines went out and the bigwigs decided we could all go home. Well being the geniuses we are we decided to take the elevator during the power outage, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was when we walked outside to see the parking garage on fire!!! The firefighters wouldn't let us in of course, and everybody had there lame jokes about who was going to need a ride home since their car was burned up! It turns out the generator caught fire. When people found that out they began to sneak in the garage to get their cars out. I was just waiting for somebody to blow up! During my almost 2 hour commute home I experienced something else new. Was I the only idiot that didn't know it could hail when it was 80 degrees out!? By the time I got home I was so out of it that I just took my cough syrup and went to bed. Woke up this morning still out of it but I'll tell you about that tomorrow because I'm sure somebody will give me some foolishness to add to my experience today!


CC said...

lol, wow, you learn something everyday, hail in the hot weather??!! never knew that was possible.

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