Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Work 101

I had all these cool ideas to write about (well they were cool to me) and now I have nothing! Let me take this time to do what I do best and talk about me, or rather, my new job. I got my English degree in December, but decided I didn't want to teach or even use all those grammatical things that I was oh so frequently tested on. Anyway, since I worked in a pharmacy for the past 6 years I decided I should put my resume out there with health care companies. It worked and now I work as a coordinator for an up an coming pharmacy benefits management company (think Aetna, BC/BS, MAMSI). Well technically I don't really work for that company, I was hired as a contractor meaning I sit in their office but another company pays me. It's cool, no big deal my first job out of college. I've only been here for a little over a month and so far so good.

Ms. MickeyD.....I share an office with her, very very nice lady. HOWEVER....please do not spend all day (whenever she has conference calls she dials in early so she can tell the other people about her health issues, at this very moment she is talking to various people on the call about her pre-op appointments, while looking up her condition on WebMD) talking about your impending surgeries and every single morning you walk in with a Mc.Donald's bag and a large sweet tea. EVERY MORNING! I love my MickeyD's as much as the next gal, but I'm sure that it isn't helping a daggon thing.
p.s. please stop singing, one of these days I am going to start singing too and trust me, you don't want to go there.

Superman.....his real name makes me think of a superhero lol. The only other young black person in our department and he loves gossip blogs just as much as I do (can't be mad at that!). He comes strolling past my desk with smart comments every day which always makes for more exciting times.

Watchyourback.....aka my boss! From my first day here people were telling me horror stories about her (I just nod and make the concerned face, ya'll aint bringing this black woman down with the drama!) Unfortunally what they say about her is true :( But that just makes it easier for me to carry out my master plan of having her job in the not so far future! Maybe becoming addicted to blogs isn't the best way to go about my plan though......{going off to reformulate my plan to take over the world}


pink said...

ummmm i work for lockheed martin and we have aetna. Aetna is the devils ass crack!!! i hate aetna lol...i know that isnt your fault honey.

i guess i should introduce myself. im pink! i have a blog so check it out some time!!

Mrs Count said...

Thanks for coming by! LOL, I don't work for aetna so I'm not offended, lol. But yeah as much as you hate aetna I'm sure people hate us too.

Anonymous said...

yay! A new blog? So far, so good. Thanks for the link love...I had to come over and see who had me posted up on the blogroll. I'll be back!

CC said...

funny, but seriously I hope she has cut out the MD's in the morning by now.

I use my singing as a weapon as well. i call it the big guns!!!

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