Thursday, June 19, 2008

I think it's time for bed

I do believe I am slightly annoyed. I don't know when it happened. I was going through having a lovely day (I did a great job as the fill in!) and all of a sudden I'm thinking very mean thoughts about people, lol.

Remember the job interview my fiance had? Well it went well and they want him to come back on Monday. Great right? The catch is, he has to shave off all his facial hair. No beard, no goatee, no mustache. Just eyebrows. He was like I was about to tell them no thank you. When he said it I was like ohhhhhhh no that just won't do! When I got off the phone with him, I turned to my office mate and was pissed. She burst out laughing and was like you're really that mad? And I am! To me, as long as you look clean cut and polished, it shouldn't matter...and I looooooooove my baby's facial hair. My boss came in and was like what's wrong. So she came and talked some sense into me. It turned into a 30 minute chat about my life, relationship, and wedding. It was quite fun (she is very far fetched and dramatic...I loved it)! The receptionist came in and was like "are you guy's having a party? All I hear is laughter, speak up, I want to know what you're talking about." It turns out my boss isn't so bad after all, I enjoyed our conversation.

When I got of the Metro, nobody was there to pick me up. I always call them before I get on the train and tell them the exact time to be there. My dad wasn't so I had to sit and wait. Of course I got on my phone, because it normally deters the crazies. But not today.

Mr.NoGame: Hey shawty, hey shawty, can I talk to you for a minute? (I'm walking past him, not even looking in his direction) Hey shawty come here for a minute.

I sat down and continued to ignore him and he kept on talking. I had walked past him and sat down, and he just got louder. #1. If you are going to annoy the heck out of somebody by talking to them even though they clearly aren't interested.......everybody at the station does not have to hear you! I was so embarrassed. People were walking past looking at me like, "ummm, he's talking to you. He wants to take you to dinner and buy you shoes" AND???? I was about to go punch him in the eye and let my ring leave him scarred.

When my dad finally showed up, this dude didn't have on any shoes or a wallet but decided he wanted dinner. I say I'll go in and get it and pay for it. Do you know when he got his food, he complained about the size sub I got? Get it yourself next time....that was my money! Do you know that the people at Jerry's don't understand the concept of steak-cheese-bread. That's all I wanted. I made that quite clear. NOTHING else, steak-cheese-bread. All those daggon onions they put on my sandwich grrrrrrrrrr!

Anyway, do you think I'm overreacting about this shaving the facial hair for the job? I think I'll probably cry when I see his naked face. My boss was like, he'll look younger. I looked at her like chick he is 22 if he looks younger we will look 15! Just picture it, the naked faced boy and the chick with acne going to apply for a marriage license. Oh how the people would talk!


pink said...

lmao!!! u are heelarrrrrious!! just plain old crazy. im confused tho...what is it about the facial hair? you dont want him to cut it off for the job? honey chile high as gas is you better help him shave it off if you want the kids cars and house wit the picket fence!!! seriously tho...its just hair. hell still be the same guy you met in high hell just look like hes in high school!! lol! sorry i had to say that...

Mrs Count said...

Got jokes?! I started cracking up and I'm on a conference call. I have calmed myself since yesterday, but last night I was rubbing his beard and telling it that I would miss it. I know it's just hair.....but I love his facial hair.

But I do want to buy a house, and I do have these loans that need to be paid. So I'll get on the bandwagon, reluctantly. Sunday night we'll have a hair cutting party :(

I may need some consoling on Monday!

laughing808 said...

ok, I just had to comment particularly sinc eyou mentioned the head man in charge not happened to me and here is the long story short:

CFO doesn't speak in the office, regardless the amount of times I say hello, so after awhile I stopped speaking. Well I was walkign to work and he just so happen to be coming in fromthe direction I was going, honestly I didn't see him, but when I saw him , naw I didn't speak. But later on that afternoon my boss comes and grabs me and tells me that the CFO wants to know what my problem is becuase I didn't speak to him on the street, and that I don't like him.

No lie that's how it went down. I told her he doesn't speak to me around the office when I speak, and I barely saw him on the street. What difference did it make? She proceeded to read me the riot act on office polictics.

In the end I still didn't speak to him unless he initiated the communication.

laughing808 said...

ok, so why did it post as a response to your "I think it's time for bed" post versus your "Office Ettique" post? that's weird.....

pink said...

ok. well i will be nice on monday...i know its hard to let go of somehthing you love. and it prolly is one of the things you swear is soooooo sexxay about him. take a picture of it before he cuts it and keep it under your pillow. how does he feel about cutting it off?

Mrs Count said...

@laughing-yeah blogger is tripping about where my stuff is going, although, it's probably me, lol.

But see, I don't like that double standard. To me, a person is a person and they deserve respect. I don't care if the president is walking past the person cleans the sewer.....acknowledge the person. Next time you see the CFO you should be all extra with your hello and see how he responds.

@pink-he almost told them no thank you on the spot! He is not a fan of himself with the naked face either he is at the barbershope every week making sure its on point.

CC said...

lol, i feel you, my boyfriend has to cut off this little beard that he has, it takes the poor guy a long to grow that thing and now, it will be nothing. I've grown so accustom to it I dont want to let it go.

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