Thursday, June 26, 2008

Smile, Jesus loves you!

I have been in a funk since yesterday. I'm not going to dwell on it or vent because I have already given this too much of my time. I have spent time irritated and sullen when I could have chosen to smile and laugh. I will smile and laugh today, other people's actions will not affect what kind of day I have! (I will also repeat this over and over today so that I will actually do it, lol)

On a good note, The Count's job search is turning itself back around for the better! He got called by an environmental company telling him about a few positions they were looking at him for. They are going to set up an interview for next week! This is really what he wants to do, so I'm excited for him.

On a solemn note, I've had 2 deaths in my family within a week. My great aunt Margaret died Saturday. She was my grandpa's oldest sister. I don't know how old she was, but considering my grandpa was 82 when he died 10 years ago, I'm assuming she was well into her 90's. Yesterday my cousin Chris died. This one kinda threw me for a loop. She lived in New York with her twin sister and she adopted a baby last year, I think her sister will probably raise the baby now. She was diagnosed with bone cancer a couple of months ago. She was going through treatments when she came down with pneumonia. On Saturday she went to the hospital to get treated and she fell and broke both of her hips, Tuesday we got a call that she passed away. Crazy huh? Her brother just got out of the hospital and said that he is going through heart failure! This is just blowing my mind.

On a good note, my other cousin is coming home from the war on July 4! I am so excited because now he can finally retire. It's a surprise. The only people that know are my mom and me (ohhh and anybody that reads this). We are taking him to the family cookout as a surprise!

I know I have way to much to be grateful for to so I'm going to end this here before I start complaining about something, lol.


pink said...

gurl i know exactly how it is. but you have to smile. bc like you said itll get your mood down and you dont wanna give no one that much control over your life. Feel better boo! and sorry to hear about your family. =(

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