Thursday, June 12, 2008

There must be a better way

Our servers have been down all morning which means what? 3 hours and we couldn't do anything. No phones, emails, faxes....nothing. Not that I'm objecting, I didn't have anything to do anyway! There was one lady walking around telling us to use this opportunity to clean our desks and read some papers she was preparing to give us. Everybody just looked away like they didn't hear her! I guess she got over herself because after 2 hours she was sitting around talking like everybody else. Our phones are still down and my boss decided for the fourth time in 5 days that she didn't have to come to work, so I've decided for the fifth time in 5 days that I don't have to do any work!
Since I didn't have anything better to do, I started going through every single song on my ipod putting together a playlist for my wedding reception. There really is no point to hire a DJ because we don't plan on dancing {Insert the 85million opinions that I've heard so far about what I HAVE to include at MY wedding}. Partying is not really our scene so why would we make our reception something that doesn't reflect us? We want romantic jazzy type music, a real chill atmosphere. I have this beautiful image in my head of the candles gathered on all 27 tables, dim lights, silver and dark purple accents throughout the room, and the highlight of the reception (to me) my cookie bar!
While going through my whole ipod has been fun, I see this getting old real quick! I guess I could google different playlists to get some better ideas and ask some of my friends to burn me a cd of their favorite songs that fit the occasion. Those will probably get me some better song choices than what I have now (currently listening to songs from the Dreamgirls soundtrack).

What are some of your favorite love songs?


Anonymous said...

Eric Benet & Tamia "Spend My Life With You"

Girlfriend said...

A friend got married several years ago, she gave out cds of their favorite love songs...some of my favs from the cd include;

Eyes Are Beautiful by Whitney (pre crack) and Jermaine Jackson

I'll Be Lovin' You Always by Stevie Wonder

For You by Kenny Lattimore

oh and All that I am by Joe

Mrs Count said...

Thanks! I'm going to check all these out today. I love the Eric Benet and the Stevie Wonder songs. I haven't heard the other ones before.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I also thought of "You" by Jesse Powell. Or maybe the name is "Baby, its you." I have more, I have to find my c.d. I'm trying to think of that song by Jaheim thats a wedding song. And, of course theres "All My Life" by Jodeci. You wanna go real old school, you can.not.beat "At Last" by Etta James. You gotsta have that track. Also, check out some Charlie Wilson, that's some new school/old school pimpin there. He had a couple good songs on that c.d. that he put out back in, like, 2000. And a lot of people were sleepin on that CD that Lionel Richie put out about a year ago, there might be a love song or two on there for ya. Shoot...I might just need to email you.

CC said...

i know the wedding is over but Luther Vandross's The closer I get to you is wonderful.

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