Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up part 1

I am in a much better mood this week! Yayyyy, I'll post about what happened work-wise a little later today; I'd rather talk about the fun stuff now

Thursday Night:
I took on the name Goldilocks by the end of the night :) My sister and I went out to Friday's with 2 girls we used to work with. I honestly did not want to go, I was dead tired, they literally had to drag me out of bed. I went, but was in a funky mood because my sister made it quite clear that I need to get this mess I've been passing off as my hair, relaxed. I'm growing my hair out for the wedding, so I haven't been getting relaxers as frequently as I used to and lets just say, it's not as easy to hide the new growth! Anyway, I'm sitting at the table at the restaurant looking at these beautiful ladies, and I was feeling like crap. Well what do you think happened? God showed me that "I still had it" LOL. When we get our food this dude slides up (literally, slid, in his chair!) to our table and asks what was up with us. I looked at him and started laughing, not a polite flirty laugh a loud in his face, I can't believe you had to nerve to try that. My sister looked at me like if you don't stop being rude! One of the girls just looked at him and told him that what's up is that we just got our food and are now trying to eat it, please back up and come back later. Do you know this dude actually came back later? They were outside having a mini-photo shoot and I was sitting holding the purses (these roots were not going to be captured on film voluntarily!) and he came up to me talking about:
HIM: "my man in the white shirt, not the one with the hat, the other one, still wants to know what's up with you."
ME: "I'm getting married in 3 months that's what's up, and tell your man, that when he wants to approach a female, he should do the work himself and not send a friend, that's lazy and rude."
HIM: "True, I feel you on that one, well good luck with your marriage"
Not 2 minutes later I hear another group of dudes talking about "oh that one in the pink is just right, I'm feeling her, she is right." So I'm looking around being nosey, I see a brown shirt, a black shirt, and a green shirt, I look down and notice I have on an orange shirt and think oh crap, is this color blind dude really about to try and approach me and tell me I'm just right?
As soon as I get in the car he taps on my window,
HIM #2: "baby girl you are just right, can I call you sometime?"
ME: "No, but you can call my husband, I'm sure he would love to talk to you."
HIM #2: "See, I knew you was just right, somebody already snatched you up"

All in all we had a really good time, they did get me in some photos and post those things of Facebook, but I guess I can live with that, since I am just right and all!

Friday Night:
I did my hair (still no relaxer though) and watched movies with The Count and my momma. Woke up at 7am on Saturday to find The Count and myself asleep on the couch. I still haven't figured out why my mom didn't wake us up before she went to bed.

I'll put Saturday's events in a separate post because it was long as crap. Let me do some work for about an hour and I'll be right back!


pink said... ur just right hunh? I was at Fridays on Saturday night. A d can i just say that I am DYING laughing at how you siad he "slid" up to the table....did he think that was smooth?

Mrs Count said...

He must have thought it was smooth. He also must have thought I was laughing with him and not at him since he had the nerve to come back. I'm convinced he saw that in a movie and had been waiting to try it, lol.
I think I'm going to make my nickname Jus' Right, lol it's the initials of my real name so it might catch on!

Anonymous said...

lmao@ you crying like somebody is hurting you!

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