Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How Rude!

Yesterday my mom called me at work to tell me about a conversation she had with my old baby sitter (who lives 2 houses down from us).

Setting: My mom has to sew 250 chair covers in one week. She is on her way back to the fabric store to purchase another 100 yards. Front driveway

Babysitter: Hey girl

Mom: Hey......(Insert random chatter here it's not really relevant)

Babysitter: Do your husband a favor and give yourself a makeover.

Mom: What? Oh girl, I'm just running to the fabric store. I still fix myself up.

Babysitter: Yeah I know, but when I first met you I used to always thing what a gorgeous glamorous woman you were.

Mom: Well for church on Sundays and stuff I still get glammed. I think I look alright.

Babysitter: (realizing now that what she said may have come off as, I don't know, RUDE) Girl I didn't mean it like that. I'm just saying that since we both stay in the house all day we need to make sure we keep our appearences up.

Mom: Yeah, you're right, maybe I will make that his Father's day gift

--End Scene--

My mom and this lady are not friends. She used to watch my sister and me about 15 years ago, there relationship since then is nothing but a honk and wave as she drives past the house. Now I know my momma, and she is probably very hurt but will try to act like she wasn't offended by this 60plus year old woman telling her she looks a mess.

Now I have to be on damage control and be extra sweet to her because she was already stressed with all this sewing now somebody done attacked her looks. Normally I make fun of the fact that she is balding and she makes fun of the fact that I'm 22 with acne.....guess I'll have to hold off on those jokes for awhile. But note to Babysitter--yeahhhh you and my mom were never friends like that for you to have that conversation with her! Leave that to me :)


Girlfriend said...

Oh, heeeeeck no! Crazy lady betta get off da moms!

Mrs Count said...

Who you telling? My sister comes home from school tomorrow and wants to go knock on that lady's door, lol.

CC said...

I get on my mom sometimes but I would hate it if someone else thought they could talk to her like that, THATS MY JOB. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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