Friday, June 20, 2008

Office Etiquette

I am a bit new to this corporate environment so I’m always confused about what is and what is not acceptable. People do things around here that make me look at them like they are so rude! Maybe that’s how business relationships are supposed to go. Am I just too friendly?

When I walk through the halls, I speak when somebody walks past me. I think it’s rude to act like you don’t see somebody. Even if I don’t speak, I at least smile-genuinely- to everybody, bosses, janitors, the florist, the mail room guy. Your little pursed together lips does not qualify as a smile, it makes me want to trip you. Most people here do smile and/or speak, so I’m guessing the one’s that don’t are rude and in the wrong, not me.

Is chivalry dead at work? If you see a woman in heels and a dress carrying her legal pads and pens whilst dragging a chair down the hall, do you not attempt to help? I would, no matter who it was, because it’s the nice thing to do. Apparently others do not agree.

Is there a rule that you can’t speak to the man in charge unless you have been directed to do so? Since I work in the corporate office, the owner of the company is always around. I met him before in a group and he seemed nice enough. The other day when I walked up to the elevators he was waiting for one too so I said hello. He looked at me like I was stupid. Then Blondehairblueeyes walks up and he greets her by name. We get on the elevator, he talks to her, she talks to us. She gets off, we smile and say have a good evening. When I was getting off, I looked at him and told him to have a good evening and he responded like this: looking at blackberry as to not have to make eye contact with this chick, glance up quickly and say “umhmm” and look back down. I just thought the whole thing was rude. I felt like how some people treat their cleaning ladies and stuff. I came to the conclusion he was having a bad day and just didn’t know me. We’ll try that situation out again another day.

When you walk in somebody’s office, don’t you speak? I share my office with 2 other women. If you come in to see one of them I think you should at least acknowledge that you see me especially since I sit right in front of the door. And when you notice the person you came to see isn’t at her desk don’t just stand in the middle of the floor and stare at their desk as if they will magically appear if you look hard enough. If you had taken 2 seconds to speak to me I would tell you where they are.

And can they really tell you to cut of all facial hair? Really? (I guess I’m not really over that Pink!)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, welcome to corporate America. You have arrived!!

pink said...

first off can i say that im just too excited that i got a personal shout out?! lmao! ummm boss doesnt speak when i walk in in the morning. that pisses me off. and the people who walk past in the hallway and dont speak that pisses me off too. the owner is just a douchebag tho. like why the hell cant i speak to you just cuz youre who you are...i could give a damn less! but youre better than me cuz i would jusxt stop speaking.

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