Monday, June 23, 2008

I'll call it a lesson learned

I worked with a lady at cvs that had 3 kids. Her oldest was her only son and she praised him day in and day out. He started working at cvs and because his mom and I were so close we became friends. Mind you I was with The Count at this time but I never did anything outrageous. It was clear though that this dude wanted to be more than friends. I’m thinking I’m all big and bad hanging out with this dude (The Count didn’t know and he also didn’t ask where I was so that was my excuse-ugh, I was lame). So anyway for about 2 months I’m friends with this dude, going for walks, talking on the phone and stuff….stuff I would have killed The Count for doing (trust me I have learned my lesson). But anyway this dude is about 28. One night sitting in his truck we have this conversation.

Dre: I don’t know if my mother told you or not, but I guess I should before you hear it from somebody else.
Me: what?
Dre: I’m on probation. I went to jail for 4 years for selling drugs.

He goes on to tell me all the details (He had a 5y/0 daughter, he never finished high school, he's trying to be legit now, how much money he used to bring in). All the while I’m thinking, and you’re the favorite child? I mean everybody makes mistakes and life happens but this woman PRAISED her son and says things like her daughters aint sh*t (one is 10 the other is like 24), and how she wishes all her kids were like him, and how I should only have boys, and how I should leave my boyfriend and marry her son. After awhile, he starts disrespecting my boyfriend. Um sir, not only are you not in a place to talk about anybody, you also don’t know me like that. I stopped talking to him altogether. Shortly after that I get engaged. He tries to make some sly comment about my ring and I look at him like, It’s better than anything you would ever be able to afford (I’m going to have to post a picture one of these days). Shortly after that encounter his mom finds out he hasn’t been making payments on the truck he’s been driving and it’s in her name ( he didn’t have the money was his excuse, didn’t tell anybody, sure as heck didn’t stop clubbing and drinking to perhaps save some money. Just decided he didn’t have to pay!). Mind you she took the truck from her daughter to give it to him because he deserved it more (and this is why parenting 101 teaches not to play favorites like that). But this is what this grown man does…..he runs away! He was still living with his parents, but when his mom realized she was about $5,000 in debt cuz of her beloved son, he stopped going home. He got his dad to drop him off some clothes at his aunt’s house. When his mom found out where he was he got scared and moved to ATL with a girl he met. She hasn’t talked to her son in almost a year. He literally broke her heart; she just says things like “I never thought my son would do this to me.” I really feel for her, but I just thank God he didn’t let my little fast tail get caught up in that nonsense and mess up my relationship with The Count. Well late Saturday night I get this text:

Him: How you doing –Dre Day (who the heck is Dre day? I think it’s one of The Count’s friends so I answer)
Me: Fine, and you?
Him: I’m fine, U married yet –Dre Day (Ohhhh that Dre, oh shoot, well let me just answer)
Me: No, not until October
Him: Tru, U happy-Dre Day (True what? Anyway, ummmm I haven’t talked to you in months and you come at me with this?)
Me: Yes.

Nothing after that. No well wishes, no good luck, no ok, nothing. I was laughing so hard. It made me stop and think; if I told him I wasn’t happy please tell me what he was going to do about it? Ugh, thank goodness of lessons learned.


pink said...

gurl he his LAME! and so is his mom. why in sam hell she tryna hook you up wit her no good felony convict son?! shes delusional. and im sooooo mad at his random text. the hell you mean am i happy?! if not, what the hell were gonna do about it from ATL? not to mention youre BROKE and living wit some random gurl. yes very happy and would be hella more happy if you lost my damned number, you heathen! LAME.

Mrs Count said...

I really thought he had lost my number by now. I know I deleted his! As long as he stays away, I'm fine. I don't want to have to get rude (he whined like you wouldn't believe, telling me I don't know how to respect men, lol) but if he texts me again I'm going to nip in the bud.

*Imagining texts from him in November as I'm in bed with my hubby* Oh the horror!

pink said...

save the number he texted you from under do not answer...thats what i do lol.

Mrs Count said...

That's a good idea! Let me do that right now, lol.

Girlfriend said...

How you gonna be "on da run" from yo momma? Lawd! What kinda foolassness is that?

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