Friday, May 29, 2009

Can you tell I'm hungry?

I have been tearing some Kale Chips up this week. They aren't as good as Pringles, but they sure do help me get a few servings of veggies in. I'm even going to make some Kale and Sausage pasta (as soon as I find a good recipe).
My favorite thing on Earth is Domino's Cheesy Bread. Since I recently got a bread maker, I am going to make this bread this weekend. I am beyond excited, if you've never had it, please order it for lunch. It is garlicky cheesy goodness. I may order me some for lunch, you know for testing purposes.
I just turned around to put my tea bag in the trash and I see somebody has used my trash can. That, my friends, is unacceptable behavior. If you have random trash, walk to the kitchen and dispose of it.
I can't believe none of y'all had any good snacks to tell me about. Food is on my mind all day every day. I coach my sister through cooking dinner with text messages. My mom calls and says, "I have porkchops, what should I cook?" If I wasn't so lazy and forgetful, I would have a food blog. Not where I create recipe's though, where I find good ones and test them, and tell y'all about them. Perhaps the good Lord can help me get some pep in my step so that I can just make that a feature on this blog, it needs some direction. What y'all think? Would recipe reviews be interesting? I would take pictures of course. Shoot, I should have had TheCount record me almost burning down our apartment building this week. Smoke everywhere. The detector screeching while politely informing me of "fire fire fire," and "carbon monoxide...carbon monoxide." It was hilarious (FYI: 1/2 cup of olive oil is significantly more than 2 teaspoons. One will almost burn your house down, the other serves as a nice coating for Kale Chips).
*******Completely unrelated I'm thinking about going natural (hair not food). Anybody transitioned to natural before? Any tips, hints, tricks, opinions? Mind you I contemplate this about every 3 months, and have yet to do it.*************


Anonymous said...

I would love a recipe review section (and some recipes). I want to cook, but I haven't gotten around to it.

I transitioned from long permed hair to locs. I wore micro braids for 3 months while letting my hair grow, keeping my scalp oiled and hair moisturized. when I took the braids out, I got a wash and set and started twists. As my hair grew out, my loctician cut off the permed ends. If you're not going in that direction, curly styles and straw sets are good at hiding the difference in textures. is a good place for transitioning resources.

Nerd Girl said...

Get to cooking! I'm always on the lookout for new recipes and ideas for dinner. How lovely would that be if you did all the legwork/research for me?!?

I basically did what innerdiva did to transition. But I did larger braids and wore those for about a year (not constantly) while I grew my hair out. Good luck if you decide to take the plunge! I have never once regretted my decision to go natural.

kisz4tj said...

I LOVE DOMINOS CHEESY BREAD!!! *going back to read the rest of this post*

kisz4tj said...

I hate random trash in my garbage as well.

RE: Hair, it would be great if you went natural. The curly do ur rocking is a nice transitioning style. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

There's all kinda products and styles to help you stay fab during the transition.

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