Monday, May 11, 2009

Lush, Nails and Starvation

Ignore my little rant from Saturday, I'm feeling better now. How was your mother's day? I was about to drop kick some folks at church for trying to wish me happy mother's day, and saying that next year I can celebrate. No the heck I can't, I am not having a baby anytime soon! I was standing with another friend (young and married) and somebody said it to both of us, she was like "don't you put that on me Ricky Bobby," and I fell out laughing. If you've never seen Talledega Nights then you're missing out on a funny movie.
Anyway, MamaCount was out of town visiting her momma so we got to hang with my mom, as we usually do. We went and did a walk through DC and to a riverside restaurant. It was a beautiful day! My mom, who has been skeptical about believing I've been working out as hard as I say I have, finally saw it. She was walking behind me and came up and was grabbing on my side talking about, "oh my goodness, your body is changing, you are getting really skinny right here. It looks good." I was like, ma, I told you I was getting a six pack so I can wear a string bikini. She wasn't too happy with that part, but I just wanted to bring her some stress on her momma's day. I even had on some pants that were in my 'hmmmm gotta lose some of these hips before I can put these back on' pile. Not only did I have them on, I had room to breathe and move! Whoohooo, workouts are finally paying off. The food at the restaurant was good, but it wasn't enough. My mom, dad, and I were still so hungry after we ate. My parent's were fighting over the rib I had left on my plate, lol. My mom wanted to gnaw on the bones to get the meat I left on it, like she used to when I was younger. She didn't, thank goodness, but we did go get some ice cream immediately afterward. Do you know these fools tried to stage an intervention for me? Seems they have a problem that I always get cookies and cream. It's because it always makes me do a happy dance, and I love to happy dance, so why not? I cannot think of a single thing that is better than oreo's and vanilla ice cream. Not one single thing (keep in mind I hate nuts, and fruit flavored dairy, and peanut butter, and candy flavored dairy, and cake like things, so there's not too much left, lol)
I have some pictures that I need to load up, so maybe later on in the week I'll have a picture post :) I dragged my family to Lush because I had been wanting some goodies from there since we went last time. The lovely PJD went on Friday and got some things, and was kind enough to let me know what she got so I could have some things to reference. That store put me in sensory overload! So many things to see and read, I couldn't do anything but stand in one spot. I didn't even get to get all the stuff I wanted because I was that overwhelmed. Once I finish my massage bars and porridge stuff, I'll go back and get the other things she suggested. I'll have my list ready so I can hand it to a worker in case I panic again, lol. Seriously, I had to stop shopping in certain stores in the mall because all the colors and stuff made me dizzy. Stand outside and point inside for what I want my sister to get me, or just shop online. Surprisingly enough, my momma loved the store. She was sampling, and grabbing, and laughing. We walked out bags in hand feeling great!
Know what she didn't love? My bright yellow fingernails, lol. When I walked in, she was like, "oh my God, Count, why did you let her do this?" I didn't even know what she was talking about. She asked if it was part of my swag. I was cracking up at her. I think they're cute still!
So I ask again, how was your momma's day?


Anonymous said...

Lush is the bomb diggity. You like the porridge soap? It's my fave, too! Try the Honey I Washed the Kids, too....but you probably already have.

Why did I laugh out loud when you said "Don't you put that on me, RickyBobby!!" LOL! That is one of my all time favorite movies.

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