Saturday, May 9, 2009

A woman so heartless

I've been in a foul mood today so I haven't been talking. I'm keeping to myself until I can return to my normal cheery self. Last night we went to a play and to dinner with another couple. I had fun, but by the end of the night I was kind of upset. TheCount kept calling me mean and the boyfriend in the couple we went out with kept saying I was heartless and rude. I really don't get it because, to me, the 2 of them do stuff wayyyyyyyyy meaner and ruder than I have ever done and they do it in people's face and laugh. I never do anything to hurt a persons feelings, so I don't get how I'm the mean one. We were talking about one of their friends who always has tons of girls fighting over him. They asked us (the girls) what was his appeal.

Other girl: I guess he dresses nice and he's funny.
Me: I don't know. There is nothing appealing about him that would make me want to date him.
Other dude: There has to be something.
OG: the way he dresses?
Me: no, his clothes are too tight for my liking and he needs to stop spending money on clothes and work toward his future.
OD: well he's funny
Me: and in order to experience that funny I would have to go pick him up. He's 23, just got his lisence and has no car. He's not in school or practicing a trade. He doesn't have a career, just a job. That's not funny or fun to me and he spends his whole paycheck on clothes and shoes.
OD: you are heartless
TheCount: told y'all she is mean

I honestly don't get what's mean about that. You asked me the question. If you don't want to know, don't ask. Maybe if y'all would stop acting like everything he does is ok, he would realize he needs to do better and wouldn't be living in his moms basement with no car, a job in the mailroom, and no education. I mean, I wouldn't go up in his face and tell him all his faults and what he needs to do with his life, but if you ask me, don't you want me to tell you? I wouldn't be rude, just honest. I'd expect the same from my friends, I can't do better if I don't know I need to make changes. I'm not saying I'm perfect and can fix you, but seriously, friends help friends and he needs to be working toward something before I would even consider entertaining him.

What do you think? Was I rude (note, he was not there!)? Be honest!


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