Thursday, May 14, 2009

Skinny by summer here I come!

ConcernedCoworker: Are you ok? You don't sound well.
Me: Yeah, I'm feeling a little ill, I'm going to call my doctor in a minute to see if she can see me today.
ConcernedCoworker: I heard there was something going around...
EvilCoworker: Yeah, it's called H1N1, get away from my desk.
I have been laughing since Tuesday off that one. Turns out it's just really bad allergies and she upped my meds and gave me some new ones. Yesterday I was sick to my stomach all day. Last night, my voice mysteriously disappeared. This morning my chest started hurting from the coughing and my voice hasn't returned. Unfortunately for all involved, when I lose my voice, I tend to think I can sing. I think, ohhh my voice will be deep and sexy, but when I start singing only every 5th sound comes out and it does not sound good! Oh well, my chest is in pain, your ears are in pain, we all have to make sacrifices in life. I haven't been able to work out these past few days due to the general feeling of misery, but I also haven't had an appetite. I can't tell you the last time I was able to actually finish my bowl of morning oatmeal. My sister and I always say the best thing about being under the weather is the guaranteed weight loss! She had a kidney infection last year and lost like 15 pounds, hey gotta look for the rainbow in the rain.
I told my ma I was still trying to lose 15 pounds. She was like, "why, so you can be nothing but a butt and a big forehead walking around. Girl shut up." Funny, that's the same thing my doctor said, well not verbatim, but she told me I  better not. I don't understand why not though, last year at this time I was 13 pounds lighter (yep, I finally lost 2 pounds, it only took 3 months, lol), Is everybody trying to tell me I looked a frail hot mess? My workout buddy and I decided I would focus on inches and not pounds since that's where I'm seeing the changes anyway. Now I just have to remember to take some measurements tonight.
Somebody just told me I sounded cute since my voice was gone. Funny, that's the exact opposite of what TheCount said. His version went something like "oh my God, shut up and go sleep on the couch."


kisz4tj said...

I think you look great, but I do hope you feel better asap!

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL @ shut up and go to sleep on the couch!!!!

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