Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's the little things...

When I ride into work in the morning I like to try to write my posts in my  head so I can crank them out when I get to my desk. Today, I was mentally writing my post and I was mad and irritated and my post was about me being mad and irritated. Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye that made me do a double take. There was a white dude, about 16 or 17 in baggy jeans, a hot pink hoodie, and a black fitted cap, riding on a razor scooter down the side of the road. It was so unexpected all I could do was's the little things. I started singing along with the radio and then I noticed The Yolanda Adams Morning show wasn't really on and they didn't do the points of power or bishop secular at the time they were supposed too, and I got mad again, because I like listening to that in the morning. Then I felt something on my face I haven't felt in a week...sunshine! Ohhhh man I started cheesing, because it has been cool and rainy here for a while and I needed some sun, the little things and the joy they bring.
Take time to notice the little things today and choose to be happy! Off to do my work and listen to some more india.arie!


kisz4tj said...

It is the little things. Thx for the reminder.

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