Sunday, May 17, 2009

And on the Sabbath, I rested

Even though my body was determined not to cooperate, I had a wonderful weekend! Friday night I did my hair in flexi rods because I wanted to try something new. They came out very nice. On Saturday I slept in (as I always do) and then hubby and I went to my office cookout. It was so funny because hardly anybody recognized me. The ones that did had to do a double take. I had curls, makeup, and a cute outfit on, all things rarely done at work. I guess I'll have to really step my game up and put on some makeup at work because I really did feel pretty. The food was delicious as always and TheCount even tossed around the football with a few of the guys. I realized that one of my coworkers needs to be nominated for unfit mother of the year award. She has a one year old that she couldn't quite keep an eye on. TheCount was like, ummm, who is this little boy and why is he about to climb this hill alone. I looked around and didn't see any parents around so I went to help him. When his ma saw I had him she came over and was like, ohhh yeah, I'm supposed to be watching him. She said that about 10 more time during the course of the day. When TheCount and I were leaving we saw the little boy walking alone down a path. Then he starts running full speed at a moving vehicle. The workers were looking around for any parents, but were scared to grab him. I looked, saw his mom had no idea he wasn't with her and went running at full speed towards him. I tell ya, only for children will I run. The driver of the vehicle saw him and the worker was standing at the part of the path that led down to the stream so the baby couldn't fall in. I ran over scooped him up and began walking him back to his mom. When I got there, she was like, "I was supposed to be watching him! I was too busy running my mouth." I don't think she even knew where I picked her son up from. Good times. I fell asleep in the car and woke up at the mall. We went to say hello to his old coworkers at the jewelry store and one of them was like "ohhh Count, we got those earrings in, here, buy them for TM." LOL gotta love old people, he got them for me, they match the necklace I got for Valentine's day. After we left there we went to Best Buy. We always go through the laptop section and we were playing with a few when I saw another open box sign (that's how we got our big screen tv for $250). It was an open box laptop for $350. He brough it out so I could look at it and we played around with it for a while and TheCount and I provided comic relief for the store employees. He tried to bust me out on how I am the laptop killer and I couldn't do to much of anything because I was all of a sudden burning up and choking. I had to pick up a sign and sit down and fan myself. We ended up getting the laptop and as he was ringing it up, the dude was like, hey, it's actually $319! Woot woot! For a 14 inch, 2GB, 240 the-other-important-thing laptop, I was excited. I've been having a ball on my new computer, especially since I haven't been able to leave the house since returning from the mall. I couldn't go to church sunday because these every 5 minute choking episodes were not going to fly in the sanctuary. I have been sleep alllllll day long. I guess my body needs to rest in order to get this crap out. The pressure in my head and neck is really annoying, it feels like they are going to explode, but I have a lavender chamomile bead thing that goes on my head and it is wonderful and warm and everybody should have one. I've been so uncomfortable I've been sitting around in just undies all day. I seriously can't take anything else. Well I stink so I'm going to take a bath with my bath salts that I made last week and go back to bed.


Product Junkie Diva said...

Hope you're feeling better today.
WOW that mom at your job needs to do a much better job. Poor kid...
A new laptop in the house...YAY

kisz4tj said...

That momma has me pissed off. What she tryna collected insurance??? I can go back and read the rest of this post. c

kisz4tj said...

Hope you're feeling better. I'm thinking I need that lavendar head thingy in my life. Good job with the laptop...I live for steals.

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