Friday, May 22, 2009

Let's Eat: Honey porkchops and Potatoes

Last night's dinner was soooooo good. You guys really have no idea. It was sweet and filling I enjoyed it greatly. We had Honey Pecan Porkchops and Kiss O'Honey Potatoes. The porkchop recipe I got from the Random Anderson blog. It's easy to customize this to make however many porkchops you need. Quick and yummy! The potato recipe came from my Get 'em Girls cookbook, that I left at home so I can't post the recipe but it was basically cut up some potatoes and put honey and salt and pepper on them and roast it in the oven for 45 minutes.
After dinner we went for a walk which is always fun. We found all sorts of mini parks (like 6) so we stopped to swing and play a few times (while I twittered the pictures, lol). We even almost picked up 2 little girls! We were walking past their house and they were strapped in their tree swings.
LittleGirl: Hi!
Me: Hi!
LittleGirl: What y'all doing?
Me: Just going for a little walk
LittleGirl: Can we come?
Me: Ohhh you guys are having much more fun in your cool swings, you don't want to walk with us
TheirDad: Good answer
LittleGirl: Okkkkkkk, well bye
Us: Bye!
Y'all know I would have let those little girls walk with us if their daddy would have went along with it, right? I love the kiddies, it would have been so much fun. When we walked away TheCount said that he half expected me to walk over to the little girls and scoop them out of their chair and tell their daddy that we would bring them back after our walk. I reallllllyyyyyy wanted too, but no good parent would go for that. We went looking around at houses for sale in the neighborhoods right behind our apartment complex, let's just say complete sticker shock. We saw one house that was completely lame in my opinion with a kitchen smaller than our apartment kitchen and it was listed at $429,000. Ain't no way we were gonna pay that for the house we saw. Next week we'll walk a different way and check those house prices out because I like the area, but not enough to overpay for a house.
Anybody have any big weekend plans? We have a few cookouts to go to and we are going to go pick up our fancy schmancy wedding pictures this weekend :)


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