Thursday, May 21, 2009

I like your style

Ever since I did my hair curly everybody has been  commenting on it. Folks that never paid me any attention before took note of how they liked it. People that call me Jackie or Jennifer (neither of those are my name) on a regular basis took note that I had a new curly do and how they liked it. I started to think that everybody has been sitting back with voodoo dolls just praying that one day I would do something with this pile of mess on my head and now that I have, they are eternally grateful. After getting a complement from the unlikeliest of people last night, I asked TheCount about this.
Me: It's crazy, but folks who don't pay me any mind have told me how much they liked my hair. It's like everybody hated how I looked before and they've been praying I would change it.
TheCount: God knows I've been praying and pleading that for once you would do something different.
Me: Whatchu just say?
TheCount: I said you look very pretty honey.
Me: Yeah okkkkkk
I guess I'll be rocking the curly do for a while, especially since it hides the fact that I need a relaxer, and it's super low maintenance. Let me go to you tube and see what other hairstyles I can learn...


Anonymous said...

Has the Count ever met Tim? I swear they must be related.

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