Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is it naptime yet?

Why did I think today was Thursday? As I was talking to myself and Jesus this morning in the shower I was thinking about the weekend and such when I realized, oh wait, it's Wednesday slow down TM.
Since it was a lovely day outside yesterday I decided TheCount and I should have dinner in the park. I went to a local black family owned carryout to pick up our dinner because I wanted to do my part to support local businesses. It was nice watching them season and  cook my food while I waited because nothing beats fresh chicken and fish! The food was good, buy I must admit my dad's (who has a catering business) is better. Since he wants to open a restaurant someday I guess that's good. TheCount and I had a lovely time eating, then walking around the lake, then playing basketball, then one of us sneaking off to buy ice cream, then heading back home to watch the game. Good times had by all. We both fell asleep on the couch which always puts a smile on my face for some reason. I guess because it feels comforting.
We got a call from our photographer last night letting us know that our wedding book is done! We'll probably go pick it up this weekend.
I am exhausted even though I went to bed before 10. I think it's because I'm finally almost over being sick and my body's fighting extra hard to get the rest of this crap out. I wake up the upstairs neighbor every night with my coughing, it makes me feel bad because I hear him snoring so peacefully (random sidenote: this man must not have a tv or anything because I never hear tv shows or music only snoring and 2am business calls. I really wonder about his life a lot more than I should: end sidenote) then I start hacking and the snoring stops and I hear him shifting around, poor man. I would bake him some cookies, but who wants to eat food from somebody you hear coughing and dry heaving every night?


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