Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Randoms

I have been ridiculously late for work lately. When I walked in yesterday my workout partner and the receptionist were at the front desk and my workout buddy laughed and said, "so glad you chose to join us this afternoon." I replied, "man, don't judge me, you don't know my life!" She laughed cuz she knows good and well I wasn't doing anything but sleeping (it wasn't afternoon by the way). Next week I will be better! Shoot, now that I finally got a key to the building, I might even be early one day!
Car shopping with TheCount is a funny funny thing. You do all the work, all the research, print out all the papers an he sits around and tells you why he doesn't like anything you picked. Funny, this is how our honeymoon research went, our apartment research went, and all our wedding plans. I'm noticing a trend. I hope he also notices that I always get my way. sHe who does the work, reaps the reward.
I can't remember the last time I actually was in church service. Wednesday when I got to church I saw a parent leaving the nursery area- with their baby still. I thought dangit, nobody showed up again. It's been like this every time I've been at church for the past 3 weeks. I went back there and ended up staying  because there was only one person and you always have to have somebody else with you. We also had no juice, baby wipes, or gloves. We serve the under 2 crowd- they walk around pooping and chanting juice (no lie, it's the only thing they say). There would have been a riot if I didn't con my way into the supply closet to get a case of juices. Never trust a big butt and a smile (butt for the men, smile for the ladies). Yesterday I went to the store and got a case of 700 baby wipes and 100 gloves since it's actually my week to work next week. I love the kiddies!
I got really testy with TheCount yesterday because of some drama with his best friend having no character which resulted in his August nuptials getting called off. Question: If your fiance broke up with you (after your bridal shower and everything) 2 months before your wedding because he was talking to another girl, would you take him back? Would you want him back? I really want to know, somebody answer.
Whole grain oatmeal bread and green tea with lemon has been my breakfast all week. I'm really loving it :)
My dad is on facebook. He just added pictures. Y'all remember the picture I posted a few weeks ago (or maybe it was months, idk) and I was like...look at my stomach! Uggghhhh I have to lose weight, I look terrible. Well, what picture do you think my dad posted of me? I demanded that he take it down or I would report him to facebook as a pedophile and have his profile deleted. My mom also looks horrible in that picture, she demanded he take it down as well. He is an evil man.
Today is the last day of my boss being out of the office, gotta make the most of it! Have a great weekend :)


Anonymous said...

Just get the Benz and call it a day! And to answer your question, that would be a big fat NO. I have wayyy too much pride to take back a loser like that.

kisz4tj said...

Absolutely not...not that it would feel easy, but that's a bail before the wedding is a huge indicator of what you'll do once we're married. Jerk!

Mrs Count said...

Sigh, if y'all knew the full story of the foolishness this dude is putting her through, I'm sure you would think she is the world's biggest fool- I know I do.

nikkibee said...

in the infamous words of our beloved Ms. Houston....h#%ll to the naw!!!!!!!!!! she and every other woman out there must know we're better than that....

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