Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Somebody is trying to ruin my day today. Let it be known: you will not succeed! Let's review what has happened in the 2 hours since I have been awake (keep in mind that I am a drama queen, so if this doesn't seem like a big deal to you, it's because it probably isn't).
Back story: On Sunday while watching the Epic Fail Awards a commercial came on for some concerts happening at a venue less than 5 minutes from our house. I went to the website and learned A. John Legend and India.Arie will be performing in 3 weeks and B. Erykah Badu, Raphael Saadiq, and Chrisette Michelle will be performing 4 days after my birthday. This means my 2 favorite non gospel singers will be a stones throw away from my house very soon. I want to go! So since nobody in my house picked up on this, I asked my dear sweet loving husband if he would take me, you know, since it's all around my birthday and stuff. My wonderful husband told me no. He said if I wanted, he could find somebody else to go with me. Ummmm, I really don't want to have a picnic on the lawn while listening to my favorite singers with anybody but my husband [ok, that's a lie. My sister was my first choice, but that hussy is in Florida for school so she's not an option]. I let it go, thinking I would bring it up at a later date. I did mention the fact that if one of his friends had asked him first if we wanted to join them at these concerts, he would have said yes.
This Morning: TheCount gets a text from one of his friends informing us that Eric Roberson will be performing in Baltimore on the 4th. TheCount comes up to me and says, " I don't know if this will make up for the other concerts or not, but Eric will be performing on the 4th, do you want to go?" Let me get this straight, you're asking me if us getting to go see a singer you really like that we have seen live more than once will make up for me not being able to go see my FAVORITE singers? You cannot be this dumb. Now I like Eric Roberson, I'm normally the one that keeps everybody informed as to when he is coming into town, however, the fact that you shut me down on Sunday and the fact that you are asking me questions before 8am is not a good idea. Before 8am you don't know if you're going to the God in me, or the me in me. Unfortunately, TheCount got the me in me. I looked at him like he was a dang fool and turned away. Not one to take a hint, he asked again a few minutes later if I wanted to go. Can you give some details, who is performing, what time, how much? Please resubmit your offer with all the details I provided you in mine.
After my little pissy attitude session, I go into the kitchen to find that our freezer has yet again decided that it shouldn't stay closed and that our food is thawing out, including my brand new container of Oreo Ice cream. I let out a mighty roar (literally) to show  my displeasure. By the end of the morning, TheCount was telling me to buy the tickets to my concerts just to appease me. I don't want to go because you gave in, I want to go because you want to take your wife on a date {uhhh, but don't think I aint buying the tickets, today- I don't need to make that much of a point, lol}.
Oh, and there is a baby shower today at work. I bought the gift on Monday and the bag yesterday. Yeahhhh the bag is way too small, so I have to run out today after my meeting and get another one.
Good things have happened since I started typing this post up though, my boss is on vacation, the mail room guy decided to run into our office singing "God in Me," I ate a delicious nectarine, and I get to watch the window washer scale the building- hmmm, I think I'm reaching to find something to keep me from slapping folks, but as my favorite singer says- it's the little things.


kisz4tj said...

It is the lil things.

The God in me is a constant prayer. I gave my girlfriend permission to church pinch becuz I was really in rare form last night while attending a tutoring session.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Yay for having an opportinuty to see some of your favorite artists.

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