Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All Night Prayer

To close out our January fast at church we have an all night prayer the last Friday of the month of January. It's a lot of fun, last year it was from 7pm-7am. I only made it until about 3:30, I think, before I had to head home and get in the bed. My church is quite hype so it was no surprise when people decided to do a conga line in the wee hours of the morning. Around and around the sanctuary, lol. Some people were just so hyped up they just felt like running. Our church is big and I do not recommend running around the sanctuary unless you are in shape because you will be embarrassed when you fall out from exhaustion. Anyway, this year TheCount and I got to church at 10 because I needed to take a nap beforehand. The only thing that got on my nerves was this one dude who kept messing with TheCount. TheCount was very quiet and kept putting his head down (we were in the lighting/sound booth). I know TheCount wasn't sleep but the man kept being all loud talking 'bout wake up man! I was giving him the evil eye and kept telling him he wasn't asleep. The night of all night prayer was exactly 2 years after TheCounts daddy passed away (1/30/07) so he just wanted to keep to himself, he was missing his daddy. TheCount did very well and didn't snap on dude but would just look up at him and go back to what he was doing.
Our church is located right off of a major road. While we were in church on Friday night a person fell asleep while driving down that road and their car started flipping over and rolled through our parking lot. I saw security run in and get our Pastors, but I didn't know why, apparently that was it. The lady got out of the car unscathed. Not a singe scratch and not one of the cars in our parking lot suffered any damage. She came in to join us for all night prayer after that, lol.
I don't know why, but this year all night prayer only lasted until 1am.
PastorT: All right as we close out...
Congregation: CLOSE OUT????
PastorT: All right, as we CLOSE OUT, be careful out there
Congregation: looking around trying to figure out why we are leaving before we get to the conga line or the grocery store trips for more water
PastorT: Oh, by the way, the fast is over
Congregation: WHOOOHOOOOOOOOOO let's go to ihop
PastorT: Now look! Don't go out there and eat like some fools that will never eat again. The food will still be there, you don't have to eat it all in one day.
Congregation: Hahahahaha...let's go to ihop
I'm not going to tell you how many people got sick because they put too much food in their systems too quickly. We haven't been eating meats, sweets, dairy, or white flower/potatoes for a month. Perhaps pancakes, waffles, sausage, bacon, hash browns, coffee, and ice cream wasn't the best meal to eat, lol (and Pink, it wasn't me that ate all that so don't go fussing at me).
We did get one major prayer answered during the fast. My sister in law started coming back to church. She hasn't come in 2 years, since TheCount's daddy died. She was married to TheCount's brother. He passed away in 2005, when she was 7 months pregnant with their child. They also had 3 other children (1 hers, 2 his). She kept coming to church even after that. During the looonnnngggg custody battle with his kids' birth mother (she is a drug addicted, lazy somebody), she kept coming to church. When TheCount's daddy died, she got mad and hurt that God would keep doing to our family. It didn't help that her parents who had been married for over 30 years also got divorced. She was hurting, and rightfully so. For the past 2 years we have been praying that she would come back. 3 weeks ago during altar call I was looking and I was like "heyyyyy I recognize that weave, it's sis-n-law"! You remember the story of the prodigal son in the bible? When the dad through a big feast when his son came home? That's how everybody treated her. When they saw her in the lobby they did a double take then would come running over screaming. It was hilarious. People timidly asked, "you coming back next week?" She said she was and she did. You know old folks don't hold their tongue, the pastors momma was like, "bout time you brought your tail back in here." Sis-n-law has a sense of humor so she wasn't offended or anything. Good times man! But I am glad to be eating normally again. Today's lunch? Scallops in garlic sauce with white rice! Yummmy.


pink said...

ok. first of all...it prolly WAS you who ate all that. dont lie TM.

And ima slap you for "Heeeeey! I recognize that weave!" SERIOUS.SIDEEYE.

I cant remember what else you said that was outa line...but what church do you go to??

Anonymous said...

Glad ur SIL made it back.

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