Thursday, February 19, 2009

I guess I did have a post

I just deleted the post I had typed up, I talk about people too much (it involved hot oil, obesity, and Pepsi, lol). Now I don't have a post. I could go random, but I really don't feel like it, I'm feeling a little down. Yesterday I was on a conference call at work. We are introducing 2 new people to our team. I got kind of upset while we were on the call because I felt very insignificant, very unnecessary. I'm just a contractor, I don't work for the company and I kind of feel that way. Whenever somebody has a question they ask everybody else even though, sometimes, I know I could have given a better answer. Whenever I do answer one of the guys on the team tries to make it seem like I don't know what I'm talking about (this is the power point dude from a few weeks ago). For example I was explaining a problem with one of the reports that I have to work on. He then butts in and tells me about MY report. I was actually in the room with my boss that time and I was shaking my head at her like, ummm no, he is wrong. I get the report and I do the report, so how are you going to tell ME what's on it? So it makes me just be quiet cuz I don't have time to be arguing with folks. Yesterday he sent an email to our  boss (I was cc'd on the email) asking if she wanted him to tell me to take something to somebody. I didn't realize I needed you to break it down for me. Her office is 2 steps from mine, yours is 45miles from ours, why would she need you to tell me something? In the same effort for her to tell you to tell me, she could have told me. We have the same title. I'm not stupid. I guess that's it, I feel dumb, like people think I can't do anything but deliver their messages or paperwork. I will never be the type of person to call somebody to the carpet or try and expose them cuz it's not that serious to me. Even though I really enjoy my job and coworkers, this is not what I was put on this earth to do, so I'm not going to trip off of it. I guess I'll just smile and "work as unto the Lord" and know that he'll take care of me. I'll do what I'm asked quickly and CORRECTLY and know that's all I can do. Whew, blogging really is Therapeutic. I feel better :)


Anonymous said...

Glad you feel better. I've been working on "work as unto the Lord" recently. It's not easy thats fo' sho! I remind myself constantly.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. its hard for me to bite my tongue too...but likeyou said. Its not that why sweat it? hugsandkisses punkin!

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