Friday, February 6, 2009

Ideas Please!

When you are having a slow day at work, what do you do for fun? Any fun websites you visit? Do you go hang out with coworkers, slit your wrist with a dull rusty butter knife, or read a book? Perhaps you disappear for a much needed hair or eyebrow appointment (I won't knock you, I've done it before and I need to do both now, lol!) I need A LOT of suggestions because by 9am I am spinning around in my chair singing to the construction men in the building across from me.
Help me out folks! As you know, if I don't get sufficient answers I will post this every single day until somebody helps me out, lol.
(oh and don't say ask for more work. I'm a contractor and I can't have access to any other clients but my own. I do my own work very, very quickly. I've helped out others, but then they take advantage and ask me to do things like count 250 sheets of paper because they think the copier messed up [true story, and no I didn't do it])


laughing808 said...

ROFL @ Help me out folks! As you know, if I don't get sufficient answers I will post this every single day until somebody helps me out

Ask around the church and see if they need any administrative work you can take to work with you.

check out this website:
for volunteer opportunites with virtual assignments. It can also boost your resume.

find an online sudoku game:

and my all time favorite when I have too much time on my hand at work:
create a wish list

you can always blog hop also

pink said...

gurl i couldnt tell you bc im tryna figure out the samething. but i HAVE work to do im just not in the working mood. Its friday and ive had a hell of a week. i just dont feel like it. but maybe i should, just to pass time i guess...=/

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I hate to reveal my secrets, but..
1. TV has good recaps and other stuff
2. Watch full episodes online at They have some original shows that are only online.
4. yahoo games has lots of games
5. I have simcity on my iphone, and that is HOURS of entertainment.
6. I also have a 7 inch TV in my office that's well hidden, but before that I had a little sony radio that I could just listen to television channels on.
7. blogging, of course

Damn, I love this job.

Nerd Girl said...

I: study, blog, text, file my nails, surf the internet, plan menus, write out grocery lists, send random greeting cards, pay bills, take online typing tests . . .

Then I go to lunch and start all over again. Good luck!!

Mrs Count said...

Thanks guys! Nerd Girl, our days sound just alike, lol. Pserendipity, I'm trying to be like you when I grow up! A tv, whatttttt, lol.

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