Sunday, February 8, 2009

Well, I had a ball!

My mom and my matching Pyrex carrying cases. Read on, you'll see why this picture is even relevant (I'm just too tired to drag it down to where it should be).

I had such a good time this weekend :)

On Friday I made a really good dinner. I simply revamped the Barbecue Beef that I made on Thursday. It didn't come out how I expected it to on Thursday ( I thought it would be the very liquidy kind, you know what I'm talking about?) and I was trying to think of what I could do to make it taste better. I saw a picture of a grown up BLT that Tyler Florence made and a great idea was born! I cooked up some bacon, added lettuce and tomato and tossed the barbecue in some smoked hickory sauce. It was sooooooo much better than when we had it on Thursday. Now I can add it into the rotation, but I still need to get a good recipe for a nice saucy bbq beef sandwich.

TheCount stayed up all night playing video games. Seriously, all night. I fell asleep from about 8-12 he was still playing. When I fell out again at 5am, he was still playing. When I woke up at noon, he was passed out on the couch next to the controller. When he finally got up he took me to paint pottery! It was a very nice surprise. TheCount got the great idea that he wanted to paint an olive tree on his tile. Let's just say that somebody with hands as big as his, shouldn't be trying to do such intricate details. We ended up turning his into a mosaic tile (after I politely pointed out that what he was doing was not very nice looking, lol) and I had to help get into the small areas. We were there for 4 hours working. These are the pictures of us working on our masterpieces. I'll show the finished products when we get them back next week.My tealight holder that matches our bedroom.

TheCount working on his mosaic tile.

On Sunday we went to church. We had a guest preacher from the U.K, Dr. Ramson Mumba.
He was good! I enjoyed it thoroughly. He was funny and very educated. I like it when people come to you with knowledge, not just fluff. After church we went to my parents house because we were celebrating my great-uncle's 81st birthday and I had to help my mom cook. TheCount wanted to wash his car, and my dad was pressed to go out and help him. My daddy aint never helped me wash my car! They were out there for like 2 hours. I was making the same chicken wings that I made for the Super Bowl, and I also made roasted potatoes. We also took macaroni and cheese and green beans. The food was so good. My mom was very proud of my cooking skills. We walked in with our matching Pyrex sets and everybody was talking about how we have been showing off a lot since I got married. What can I say, lol, you know how I do! Everybody also noticed how happy my daddy is to finally have a son. If TheCount told my daddy he planned to go play in traffic hopping on a pogo stick, my daddy would follow right behind him.My daddy crouched down putting air in TheCount's tires

Time for male bonding.

I watched half of the Grammy's with my mommy while TheCount was at a church meeting, now I'm home watching the rest. I've enjoyed them thus far because I love music and talent. I also enjoy hearing Lil Wayne perform like a human not under the influence of anything, lol. JHud made me cry, but so does everything. Ohhh I really liked Justin Timberlake and the Rev. because I love their voices. My momma has an unhealthy obsession with Like seriously, she thinks he's the only one that should ever perform or speak. When Jay-Z was rapping with Coldplay (or whoever it was), my momma was like, "why does he exist? He's no" HAHAHAHAHA oh mommy, aint checking for you and I am so surprised that she even knows who he is. She saw him performing once and it made her cry and since then, she has been hooked! [ok, album of the year winner...who? I guess I'm out of the loop, I don't even know who they are]

Well good peoples I need to go wash off my facemask and watch one of my favorite episodes of Family Matters. Laura gets accepted to Harvard (but can't go because of finances) and Waldo takes tap dancing lessons (for some reason I love him in this episode). Then it's off to bed!


Product Junkie Diva said...

Aww I love how your dad bonds with The Count.

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