Monday, February 2, 2009

We are the Champions my friiiennndddddd

Hear ye, hear ye! All of you hoping for an upset in the Super Bowl, are now at home or work upset because of course the Steelers won :)
  Since we were going to watch the Super Bowl with some new folks, we had to bring a dish, because it's just rude to show up empty handed. I was a little nervous because I don't like cooking for other people because I'm scared I'll mess up. I decided on some chicken wings that they had in the Food Network magazine...delicious! I was so proud when the man of the house came up to me and told me my chicken wings were banging :)
We almost didn't make it to their house to watch the game because I was about to get into with a lady in the Food Lion parking lot. Y'all this lady was cussing a baby out. The little girl couldn't have been more than 6 and this woman was dropping F-bombs on her like there was no tomorrow. She was parked next to our car and once I realized she was talking to a child I tried to hit her with the car door. Since we were in TheCount's friends Lexus, TheCount jumped once he realized what I was doing and caught the door. So then I was just getting mad and I started saying stuff like "you don't cuss out no baby, what is wrong with you. She is a child that made a mistake, how dare you..." as TheCount is stuffing me in the car. The lady was glaring at me, but didn't dare say anything because she only has the strength to cuss at children for spilling juice.
The Game
Jennifer Hudson did tha thang, lol. Did y'all hear  her? Amazing!
During the game I had a 2 hour text battle with one of TheCount's friends. He was supposed to come watch the game with us but he decided to stay home. His friend is always going against me since the day I slapped him ( I can't remember what he did, but I was so offended I couldn't help myself). I wanted to put some of the texts up here but they only made sense in the context of the game so I won't. That was a good game though! I thought we were going to lose it. I had my terrible towel covering my face and I was crying out in agony. TheCount was finding my misery quite hilarious. By the end of the night I had everybody in the house waving my terrible towel around singing the praises of my team, lol. However, it should have never been that close! I'll have to make a trip up to Pittsburgh to talk to the team in the off season.We will not put TM through that again! I think I will also arrange a reunion for Mike Tomlin and because I am convinced they are brothers and even though said he didn't want to meet his dad, I think he would enjoy his brother Mike.
Funniest line of the night:
Lady at the party: "Black folks are on the come up, it's our time to shine. Head of the country, head of the republicans and super bowl champion coach. Aint no stopping us now..."
The Commercials
Budweiser- Let the horses go. That was stupid and very boring
Pepsi- They had us screaming laughing! If I drank soda, Pepsi would have beat coke (ummmm what was up with that bug commercial?) and had me at the store buying it up.
Doritos- Y'all why did my sister call me and tell me she went out and got doritos because of the commercial, lol. We are some dang fools and advertisers must love it.
Career Builder- Did y'all see when that man was drinking gold! HAHAHAHAHAHA The whole house was like "is that gold?" in unison.
Don't get me started on ugghhhhhh those commercials anger me every single year and I love me some Danica Patrick, but that was a bit much.
What were your favorite commercials and HOW BOUT THEM STEELERS?


pink said...

ok. first. why are you tryna get shot in the parkin lot??

Second. i didnt watch the game...i didnt do anything yestrday so i cannot comment on the rest of your blog.

third. you need to mind your business in the dang parkin lot!

Mrs Count said...

I cannot mind my business when people are cursing out children! Cursing her out! Asking why she was "always F--n doing something."

And trust me that middle aged white woman was more scared of me with my 2 big black dudes than I was of her. People that curse out children are punks!

Darius T. Williams said...

Um yea - JHud ripped it to pieces!

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