Thursday, February 5, 2009

Randomly Random

It feels like Friday. I thought it was. It makes me sad that it's not.
My eyes are swollen. Not a cute look, lol.
Bible study was really good last night. No, like excellent, one of the best services ever in life (and I've been to a lot of services). For anybody wondering, I attend this church.
Our heating bill was $150 this month. TheCount was not happy, it wasn't too much to me, nothing we can't afford. I thought I was going to get sent to time out the way he was acting, lol. Since he only believes in spending money on things we don't need, like tv's, a new bass, and speakers, he turned the heat down. Wayyyyyy down. Heck, who needs to stay warm in winter? Not us clearly because our thermostat is set to 60. I now spend my time sitting in the bed with my heated mattress pad. Bump that, I should not have to see my breath in my own house. Good Lord, why does TheCount torture me so?
This month I vow to sleep more! I will get at least 8 hours of sleep (9 is my perfect number) at least 5 nights a week. If I do it, I bet by March I will feel and look like a different person. I won't be so cranky, I won't be slouched over at my desk, my skin always clears up when I get appropriate sleep, and I'll probably be on time for work since I won't turn off the alarm and go right back to sleep for an hour or two.
I just ordered myself a new backpack. I have big plans for this bag! It's cool and has all these compartments. I met my best friend because of my bookbag. I was in college and had a purple bookbag, she thought it was cool that she could always find me in  a crowd because I was the only one with that bag. The next semester, she was determined to top me so she got a bright pink bookbag. Little did she know that for Christmas I got a purple care bears bookbag, so once again I stood out because I was the only person on campus with a character bookbag. That's when she told me the story of her trying to one up me, and it sealed our fate as friends :) The next year I had a Spiderman bookbag. The girls would always be like "oh my, why do you have that bookbag." My response was always "it makes me smile!" Dudes would always just tell me it was cool. I wanted a black barbie bookbag, but TheCount wouldn't let me get it, he said he drew the line at barbie.
The idiot of the week:
Idiot: I can't wait until spring
Me: Yeah, I know what you mean
Idiot: See, if God were smart, he would have made spring right after the Super Bowl. Cold is nice for the holiday's, but now I'm over it. February and March shouldn't be cold.
Me: Looking around the elevator panicking contemplating just jumping off because I'm sure it is now headed straight to hell!


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