Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long Weekend Wrap up

My Valentine's Weekend was wonderful! I have a lot of blogs to catch up on reading today (ummm, like over 200, I'm a huge lurker, lol) so I'll find out how yours went soon enough I guess. TheCount and I participated in the marriage get away with our church. It was in Reston, Va and we had such a good time! Of course we were the youngest couple there and everybody felt the need to point it out repeatedly. The view from our room was verrryyyyy interesting. One window overlooked the indoor pool, which I thought was very creepy cuz I was spying on a grandma and her granddaughter (helllooo pedophiles would love this room) and the other window looked out onto the parking garage. As in when we opened the curtain there was a person standing there, lol. On Saturday we hung out with our only other young married couple friends (they are 25, I think). We walked around shopping and looking for a good place to have a Valentine's lunch. We decided on Jackson's. It was really good! For dessert I had a chocolate waffle and ice cream. Oh myyyyyyyyyyy! I was dancing in my seat. After we went to lunch we decided to stop in Be.st B.uy. Last week TheCount and I ordered a t.v. online. It was a really good deal so we were like, hey, why not, let's do our part to stimulate the economy. Well the company tells us they need to verify our credit card. Sure, that's cool. What was not cool was what they wanted us to do. Their credit department (that is outsourced) sent us a forwarded message asking us to fax them a front and back copy of our credit card, our license, and a copy of the credit card bill. WHHHHATTTTT????????  Are you crazy? I started firing off emails to the company we ordered from as well as the company that handled their credit. We ended up cancelling the order because I thought that their request was absurd and I refused to do it. Now, back to Be.st B.uy on Saturday...TheCount and I were walking through the t.v. section and we both stop, turn or heads to the side, and look at each other and ask "is this real?" Y'all, it was a 46inch HD television for $250. We were in disbelief, so we called our friends over. They were like, well, that's what it says. We called over an employee. She was like yep! It doesn't come with a box or a remote though. The original price of the t.v. was $1,999.00. I don't think a box or a remote is worth $1749.00 so we got the t.v. When we got to the front to pay for it the cashier had to call a manager for a price override:
Cashier: "can you put in this override please"
Manager: looking at the price tag and the override amount "absolutely not. They cannot have this t.v. for $250. There must be something wrong"
Me: beginning to feel a bit rowdy so I turned away
TheCount: sensing my rowdiness so he begins to push me away
Manager: "Let me check with somebody else"
Somebodyelse: "yes this price is correct, put in the override"
Manager: "Why do they get the t.v. for this price. It doesn't make sense. That is too much of a discount blah, blah, blah"
Me: "Why are you hating on our blessing ma'am. You don't know what kind of God I serve"
Manager: "well, I uhhhh, I'm not hating, I'm just surprised, that uhhhhh, it's such a good deal, it's unbelievable"
Me: "I serve a God of surprises" and then I walk away while I'm still feeling spiritual so I don't embarrass my God by getting rowdy with folks.
I could not understand why that manager (she wasn't the manager of the entire store by the way) was so upset. Were they taking the $1749 out of her paycheck? My goodness, lol. Anyway, God really blessed us beyond what we could ask or think on Saturday.
Oh yeah, while we were in the store we went into the music section. They had a piano and mic set up. I embarrassed TheCount so bad! Since it was Valentine's day I wanted to sing him a love song. I sat down started jamming on the keyboard (I cannot play at all) and started singing "If I aint got you" at the top of my lungs. I had a small crowd staring in amazement at the girl making a fool of herself by the time I finished. But I had so much fun, I tried to get a little girl to do a duet with me, but she politely declined.
On Sunday, Momma, Sister, and Niece Count all came over to the apartment. Words to live by, never ever ever watch a movie with MommaCount, lol. She will work a nerve with the questions. I politely answered her dumb questions while her children looked at her and shook their heads in disappointment. Even her 7 year old niece was like "grandma, are you watching the movie?"  I remember when PapaCount was still living he would always look at her and ask "Honey, are you even paying attention? Sit down somewhere and pay attention and you'll know what's going on." I always cracked up because every time you watch a movie with her she has a barrage of questions and comments that are so unnecessary. Although I had to threaten niececount a ridiculous amount of times, we had a good time. Parent's, when you take your children into another persons home, please keep them together. I shouldn't have to threaten to put your child out on the patio or tie her up in the bathtub before you realize she has snot hanging from her nose above my carpet laughing. Or she has juice up on my couch dripping it onto my cream colored blanket, or that she is trying to open playdough on my cream carpet. Or she is rolling around on my exercise ball with her face by a sharp wooden corner. I'm all for running around and playing, we do it all the time, but you must be safe, and you MUST be clean.
Yesterday I ran errands with my mom all day. We had a lot of fun. I went to the grocery store afterward and when I left out I realized the cashier didn't ring something up (they take the stuff out of the basket for you). I was like, oh well and left. Then I started feeling bad. Then I got lost going home, lol. So I turned around and went back to pay for it. They let me have it for free anyway, but at least this time I had a clear conscience and I could remember my way home!


Anonymous said...

Be.stB.uy is sounding mighty shady, they are lucky you were nice enough to walk away. You have the patience of a saint with your niece- playdough on cream carpet? Wowsa! Glad you enjoyed your weekend- now I can't get "The Best is Yet to Come" song out of my head :)

Anonymous said...

BAWAHAHAAAAA @ I serve a God of surprises" and then I walk away while I'm still feeling spiritual so I don't embarrass my God by getting rowdy with folks. - that was hysterical! I try to remember not to show out...LORD knows I do!

Mrs Count said...

Yolanda: Thanks for stopping by! I sing that song once a day.

Kisz4tj: aint it hard to not show out, lol. I was so proud of myself :)

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