Thursday, February 12, 2009

In the area: Eyebrow Threading

I get my eyebrows threaded because I got too lazy to keep plucking them (and sometimes I got a little too tweezer happy) and I can't get down with the wax. Soooooo, here are the places I've been in the area (DC-MD-VA) to get them done. I don't have thick eyebrows at all, when I say I'm going to go get them done TheCount normally looks and asks, "what eyebrows," lol!
This is probably the best one for you Pink, it's right off the Dupont Circle Metro stop (walk around the corner, she'll have a sign on the sidewalk). If you are going in the evening, make an appointment, it gets crowded. If you can go during your lunch break :) you'll have no problem. I will say not DO NOT DO NOT let anybody but Natasha, the owner, touch your eyebrows. Let me repeat that DON'T LET ANYBODY BUT NATASHA DO YOUR EYEBROWS! Call my sister that had a scab underneath her brow because some janky assistant was trying to do too much and ask her why, lol. Natasha ended up correcting the sloppy job the assistant did but my sister was in so much pain when the other woman was doing it because she was pinching her skin. Only Natasha, and it's $12.
Random kiosk in Arundel Mills Mall
As embarrassed as I am, I had to get my eyebrows done in the middle of the mall, lol. I had a Christmas party to go that evening to and I looked a busy mess. Y'all my eyebrows looked FABULOUS after, even if I had to deal with the crowd staring at me making comments. However, this was the most painful experience because she gripped a lot of hair at one time. I was visibly wincing. It was worth it when I got up and everybody oooohhhhed and aaahhhhhhed over me :) I think it was $12, TheCount paid as I entertained the crowd.
Salon Diva
It's in Gaithersburg. I was googling random places and since it was right around the corner from my job I decided to go check it out. I went hoping to see somebody else in there getting done so I could make a decision. Unfortunately there was only 1 person in the shop and she worked there. Knowing V-day was coming up this weekend and I, once again, looked a bushy mess, I decided to take the risk. It was the least painful, like barely any pain at all! She used a very thin thread, I think that's why. If you can pull out a strand of hair without, you can get her to do your brows.  I look lovely and it only took a few minutes. Downside was she costs $15, but since she is much closer and more private than the other places I went, she will be my new go to woman. I didn't catch her name, I think it started with an S. She was the first person on the left side behind the couch.
Hope this helps! If anybody knows any other places in the area, let me know!


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