Friday, February 13, 2009

I gotta remember to pick up my prescription today!

(random title for a random post)
I have to draft up 2 complaint letters today about some unsavory business practices TheCount and I encountered this week. All we were trying to do is do our part and help stimulate the economy by buying a new television  and then these people got on some extra whack stuff. I'll give y'all the details next week. I need to save my rage for my letters, lol.
TheCount does not listen to me! It is absolutely ridiculous the amount of times I have to tell the same story. I would think he was joking but he is dead serious each time. Every single time I tell him about my arthritic big toe he acts like he never knew about it. I'm going to make him start taking notes during our conversations.
Yesterday I was soooo tired because we were up late. Why were we up? You'll never guess, lol. We were jumping. No, that's not a cool slang word for something, he was literally teaching me how to jump. I walked in the bedroom and he was running across the room and jumping over the storage bench onto the bed. I started playing too and he kept laughing because he said I was diving, not jumping. Then we had to have a jump off competition followed by lessons when it was discovered that I cannot jump. I wonder what the upstairs neighbor was thinking hearing all of the commotion?
We are going to a marriage getaway tonight and tomorrow for Valentine's day. I want to go ice skating tomorrow, but my toe is swollen and hurting and I need to make it go down first. If it's still hurting, I'll have to shop the pain away!
I'm doing our taxes myself, TheCount is nervous. I don't think he trusts me. I was like "babe, they have pictures! They tell you step by step, I don't even have to do math!" I think it made him even more scared.
You know what? I'm a snitch. I'm proud of it. Now if we do something together, I'm not going to rat you out. Or if you ask me to keep quiet, I will. But when you do stuff and act like you dare somebody to tell. I will. I snitched on my officemate who is supposed to be participating in our office's version of The Big.gest I was coaching her and she just fell off the wagon so hard and I'm tired of the excuses. She hasn't worked out in 3 weeks, she's back to eating pizza, mcdonalds, other fried things, and drinking multiple pepsi's a day. Yesterday the 2 pepsi's and cake did me in. I went to her teammate and was told her "look, you better stop in our office and check on her eating, she is killing y'all. She's going to start gaining weight again." Then I made plans to begin to work out with her since it was clear that my old workout buddy no longer cares about my plan to get my Beyonce body.
I just took a break from typing this post to order some cashmere gloves and a headband, lol. The sales be calling me man!
I don't know what TheCount is getting me for Valentine's day. I asked for some face cream, a vacuum cleaner, a trench coat, and some food (if he sent went online and ordered me some Domino's pizza and had it sent to my job, I'd probably scream with glee. Forget flowers, I need food!) but I don't think he got any of it, because I know he wasn't paying attention when I was talking. I do think I got some earrings (he forgot we had a joint account when he swiped his card at the jewelry store), not the ones he wanted to get me, because he's mad at me for losing my diamond studs. But I know he is tired of me wearing my pearl earrings everyday in my second hole so they don't close up. Every week he asks if I'm going to change my earrings and every week I respond, I will when you buy me some [more].
I finally got my car out the shop yesterday (it's only been in a week and I only took it in because I failed emissions, lol). The fact that my check engine light had been on for 2 years didn't matter to me! After they plugged the hole from the nail in my tire, cleaned my breaks, put in a new roter(?) thing, fixed the oil leak, replaced the gas cap valve, and something else I'm forgetting, it was only about $500. I can deal with that, it's the first time I've put it in the shop in the 4 years I've had it. Not a bad average.
It is now time for me to paint my nails. I sure hope my boss doesn't come in today, I need to leave early!
What y'all doing for V-day? I think for our V-day dinner we are going to order a meat lovers pizza from somewhere and watch movies. For a special, treat, maybe he'll let me cut the heat on!


Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL" They tell you step by step, I don't even have to do math!" I think it made him even more scared."
I just love your random thoughts...
Aww The Count swiped his You snitched but that was for a good cause :-).
Have an awesome weekend. Girl your twitter pic is too cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm dying at a special treat being heat! ROFL!

Mrs Count said...

PJD: Thanks! That picture is from the day I got engaged :)

Kisz4tj: Yeahhhhh I got no heat, lol.

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