Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The illiterate detective

I have not been very diligent with being on time for work the past few days, nor with going to bed on time. I'll try again tomorrow.
Last night for dinner I made was delicious! TheCount was burning his mouth up because he couldn't wait for it to cool down. I made enough for six people (even though TheCount is always fussing that I cook too much food) and I still had to fight him off of the pot so I could have enough to bring for lunch. This one is definitely in my rotation now! I have been on a cooking roll lately :) On the menu for the rest of the week is Spaghetti with Sausage (I needed a quick -hey babe you  make this- meal so I can do my hair and Sloppy Joe with sauce not from a can. Also, my wild hair don't care movement that I started last Saturday will probably end tomorrow. It's harder to look wild than it is to just roll my hair. I think I'll go curly for a while.
I've been having some strange dreams lately. Last night I had a dream about my coworker and her husband. As if that wasn't strange enough, it was about their teeth. I've been trying to figure out why on some days I notice her beautiful smile and some days I don't see any teeth at all. It seriously bugs me, are they real? I have to be more diligent in my research to figure this out because that dream was down right scary (her toothless gummy smile is haunting me).
My new workout buddy and I have been having a ball at the gym. Yesterday we watched and played along with Family Feud while on the treadmill. Then she told me some info about this dude who is allllwwwaayyyssss down in the gym and who, of course, came in yesterday while we were in there and requested we change the channel so he could watch the soccer game and then was just standing there watching the game--rumor has it, he lives here. In our work building. We had to agree that the facts surround the allegation are pretty convincing. He wears the exact same thing every day-wrinkled dark khaki's and a blue turtle neck- he even works out in it. He was also seen walking around here during Christmas in his pajamas. We do not work in a casual environment. Our CEO is right down the darn hall. These folks walk around here looking like J crew ads. Also nobody, not even in his department, has ever seen him come or go. My investigation on this is pending as well, this is very interesting to me.
Oh yeah, last night I made sugar roasted pecans. It is taking some serious restraint to not eat them for breakfast. TheCount had never heard of, or eaten such a thing and mister everythingistoosweet didn't like them. More for meeeeeeee! In other CountisWhack news (well he's not really but his dumb questions are). Last night, as I said, I made jambalaya. I had the recipe out on the counter. I had the ingredients out on the counter. I had began to make the food:
TheCount: "What you making again baby?"
Me: "Jambalaya"
TheCount: "Are you sure?"
Me: is this dude serious? "Yep"
TheCount: "Are you making jambalaya or gumbo"
Me: ohhhh, he wants to get cut! "what did I say?"
TheCount: "Jambalaya, but I see the chicken stock out so I was wondering, cuz it's not supposed to be soup, so are you sure?"
Me: I may be a lot of things, but illiterate is not one of them "I know you see this page from my BHG cookbook on this counter with this recipe on it. I'm making what it says I'm making. It says jambalaya, it's jambalaya."
TheCount: "oookkkkkkkk" but really looking like he is convinced it will be an epic fail.


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