Wednesday, February 18, 2009

taking it personally

I have a problem. I don't take criticism well at all. Well, most of the time it's not even criticism. I don't like to be challenged. I walk around like if I say it, then it is so. I don't know whats wrong with me! TheCount will just be like "you think you're always right don't you?" Honestly, yes! Even though I know it can't possibly be true, I just can't accept the fact that something may not be exactly how I want it. When we were at Saturday I already told you about the interaction between me and the manager. Well, I uhhhhhhhh, kinda didn't tell the part about when we were trying to leave the store, lol.
First, we had to go get the car so we wanted to leave it with them for a while. The dude said cool and that he would keep the receipt. That made no sense to me. How will I prove I bought the t.v.? I was like are you going to be here? He told me no, he would put it in the back room and he would tell the next person on duty. Negative, sir. What you gonna say? "OH yeah, dude, a black couple is gonna come in here and ask you for a t.v. give it to them?" I'm going back and forth with the dude and I was like let me take a picture of the receipt. By this time the man is rolling his eyes at me and then he just signs off on the receipt and lets us take it with us. He told us to just tell the dude at the front door when we came back to get it. What do you think the first thing the dude asked was? "Do you have your receipt?" I was like, yep! [I won't tell y'all what TheCount was doing during the whole encounter, let's just say he was a tad embarrassed]
Ok, so then we went to put the t.v. in the car. We had 2 people helping us and there was a bit of difficulty because the cloth seats made it hard to slide the t.v. across. Then this happened:
WorkerThatWasNotHelping: "What are you guys doing?"
HelpingWorkers: "Trying to put the t.v. in the car"
WorkerThatWasNotHelping: "Well you can't do that, if it doesn't go in easily we can't do it"
Me: "Mind your business, they know their job"
WorkerThatWasOutsideSmoking: "Well it's never going to work, if you ask me"
Me: "Nobody asked you either, go away" (i may or may not have uttered the words "die smoker", I honestly can't remember and if I did then I am wayyyyy to ashamed to put that in my dialog)
HelpingWorkers: "We got this"
TheCount: "TM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" followed by a very painful pluck to the ear, lol.
I don't know what's wrong with me! In my defense I don't think the people I was rude to heard me. It was like I meant to say it in my head, but I kind of blurted it out, but not too loud. I know they weren't attacking me personally, but I took it that way. I'm trying to work on it, I have gotten much better with TheCount. He would ask me a simple question and I would be so rude in response. Now, I pause to check myself. Last night I was making dinner
Me: "Babe, can you hand me the baking sheet"
TheCount: "For what?"
Me: "Because I need it."
TheCount: "But I thought you were making meatloaf?"
Me: " I am. Just hand me the pan please."
Few minutes later
TheCount: "I never saw anybody make meatloaf like that before"
Me: turning around with the death glare
TheCount: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you want me to shut up and leave you alone?
Me: "Yeah man! If you don't want it, don't eat it. Shut up before I break your spine with a hammer"
See, I'm getting better! Before, I would have been genuinely mad and irritated, now I can joke about it. The first 2 months we were married were really hard because we do/did things differently and if he questioned my method instead of just explaining why or what I was doing, I would snap at him and walk off in a huff. It took TheCount looking at me one day and asking why I had become an evil monster before I realized that I was acting like a witch. Now, we are sunshine and smiles...most of the time! And before y'all tell me I'm mean for trying to paralyze my husband, know that he threatened to hit me in the head with the shelf he was putting up. So we're even ;) and he also ate 2 of the 4 mini meat loaves I made ( I could only eat half of one before bursting at the seams).
{my spell check isn't working, anything you see misspelled ignore it, lol}


pink said...

gurl! how you gon threaten to break his spine?? dont you know that means that yall PROLLY wouldnt be able to have the babies that I want (i say prolly bc my cousin was paralyzed from the waist down be he can know...bc they have this pump thing so that he can.....well, nevermind) and that wont be acceptable. and i am not at all mad at the count for threatning you wit the shelf bc per your little blogs you been actin up quite frequently...mhmmmm.

but i woulda told the dude at the counter the same thing...wth you needa keep my dang receipt for??

Anonymous said...

LOL! We may suffer from the same "can't be wrong" syndrome. I totally don't blame you for not letting dude keep your receipt - that makes no sense.

I too blurt stuff out that I thought I was saying inside my head. The worst one (I think) was when we went to dinner with another couple they ordered so much food I really couldn't believe it. When we got home my husband told me I kept saying "daaaaaamn who's going to eat all of that" every time the waitress brought out more food. Oops!

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