Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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I should not have asked what my mom would call me with today. Sigh, here we go:
MamaTM: Can I ask you a question?
Me: Sure
MamaTM: Why do you love yourself?
Me: Have you met me? I'm a ball of awesomeness.
MamaTM: HAHAHAHAHA. Wanna hear something crazy?  Polly is pregnant with twins.
Me: So?
MamaTM: Did you hear me?
Me: You said Halle right? Halle Berry?
MamaTM: Polly! Polly that had the baby with the gay man. Polly!
Me: Oh my gosh. So one wasn't enough? What the heck!
MamaTM: I know, they're both trying to be nurses, do you think they skipped the "where babies come from class?"
Me: They must have! I don't understand how people keep making babies!
MamaTM: Well I can see how somebody would forget.
Me: I don't! I'm 24, I'm married, and I have never, ever, ever, not even once forgot to get him to wrap it up! NEVER! {dear Jesus, I really am humble, I had to be dramatic to make a point, please don't make these my famous last words. Amen}
MamaTM:  Hmmm, good point.
Now we're sitting on the phone going down the list of people that I grew up with that are my age or younger, that decided once was not enough. It turns out that everybody so far that had one baby young, with somebody dumb, decided once wasn't enough. If it happened when you did it that way the first time, it can happen again. I'm not throwing stones, my momma wasn't married when she got pregnant with me. I am saying this: use good sense. If you got pregnant from having unprotected sex once, don't you think it can happen again? If you can't take care of your first child, do you think it's wise to have another? If you want more babies knock yourself out, if you don't, take precautions! If you're having issues with this, email me. I can break it down for you in easy to understand language. You don't HAVE to get pregnant. It's 2009, pregnancy is an avoidable condition.


laughing808 said...

I am in tears over here from laughing at you:

Me: Have you met me? I'm a ball of awesomeness. goodness that is too funny!

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL -I know what you are saying. Some people who cant take care of 1 kid end up having multiples....sigh.

Jass said...

girl , you and your momma sound like me and my momma . You are preaching the truth - its too many forms of birth control out there for people to "accidentally " get pregnant. I dont have sex for a reason - the main one is that I want to save myself for my future husband , and the fact that I dont want to be a 20something single parent . Love your blog

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