Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh yeah, I'm going to make some bread this weekend

I skipped a vital step in my morning routine and I don't like it one bit. I want to go back home and start my day again. It's my own fault for oversleeping.
At 3:45 am I heard a dog barking. I got out of bed to see that the police had pulled somebody over. Y'all know my nosey self stayed by the window until they were all finished. I'm thinking they arrested the driver or something because somebody walked from their home to the scene, where the person whom I presume to be the passenger, asked the police if he could leave because the person that was going to drive the truck had arrived. They let him leave. It was really interesting. I like making up stories for the incidents that occur outside our window.
I haven't eaten out once this week. Not even on Wednesday, our "Eat Out So We Can Get To Church On Time" night. I've been proud of the discipline. Actually, I don't think I've even spent any money this week outside of groceries and that was less than $60.  I want to try and not spend any money next week too, but I'm not sure how it will pan out. I'm running out of face wash and lotion. Buying those are a gateway drug. I see one thing, then another, then another next think I know I have a cart of clothes and shoes and makeup and headbands from Target. I'm not willing to risk it.
TheCount and I have had some trying times these past 2 weeks. Not with each other, but with situations that require us to really use some faith and know that it will work out. When your car won't start at the gas station at 10 o'clock at night, mannnnnn you realize how much faith you have! You also learn the power of prayer :)
I hope I have time to pamper myself this weekend. A deep conditioning hair treatment, home done mani-pedi, and exfoliation sure are in order. I'm going to look up some good scrub recipes, ohhh I'm going to do the one like PJD bought from Lush
I have to tell y'all about TheCount's latest life theory. I think I'll save that for next week though. That was more like a note to self type thing.
Have a wonderful weekend!


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