Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday, Monday

We went to church Sunday and then went over my parent's house. My team was playing my dad's team in Fantasy Football so I really didn't want to be around him because he is very irritating. He kept coming up to me pointing in my face yelling the score- dude get real. As usual I was rolling around on the floor claiming I was starving to death and that I had to have food, so my mom told me to plan dinner and make it. We decided on those oven fried chicken tenders, green beans, and pasta salad. I taught my mom about panko breadcrumbs and thyme as I fixed dinner. Surprisingly my dad really liked it. My mom said he always likes my food just to make her mad because if she made the exact same thing he wouldn't eat it. Oh well. We started my sewing lessons :) I made 2 pillowcases and some lace sachets to put in my drawers with some smell good stuff in it. Lavender scented lingerie ;) well that might have been TMI, lol. My dad fell asleep when my fantasy team started winning. My mom told me to go jump on the couch and scream out the score so he can see how annoying it is. I don't talk trash before a victory though. I let my results speak first, THEN I talk a little trash.
Yesterday my coworker came back from maternity leave. She kept saying how glad she was to be back, and that she was glad she didn't have to stay at home every day with her kids. Then she had the nerve to try and tell me how I was going to feel/react when I have kids. Speak to your own experience, you don't know me like that! We are not the same person and we clearly don't have the same values so don't push your issues onto me, mmmmmk? That being said, she looked fabulous, and 6 weeks after giving birth she was back down to a size 2! She told me about some products and things her husband bought her to help her get her figure back because she told him he would have to pay for liposuction if she didn't drop the weight. If you want to know about them, email me, I'll find the links and send it to you.
Have you ever took a nap in your car in the middle of the day? This is about to be my new thing because I sure needed it yesterday. I can't get any work done if I'm nodding off and can't see straight so why not go get refreshed? I don't really take a lunch most days, so I'll turn lunch time into nap time. I drive to a different parking garage because I don't want any of my coworkers to see me and think I'm being lazy. I'm still working on getting our office building to have a nap room, I think it will improve productivity.
Last night, in Fantasy Football my team was up by 30, and I had no more players in the game. My dad still had a quarterback and a wide receiver to play. For those of y'all who don't know the game, those are your biggest point makers. For every 10 yards they throw/catch that's a point. Touch downs are even more points. Thankfully, they had a sucky night! I was on the edge of my seat. His wide receiver missed TWO touchdown catches! If he had caught either one of those, it was over for me. In the last 40 seconds of the game my dads players were in the game. The quarterback kept throwing to the wide receiver- and he kept catching it. Minute by minute my dad's score was catching up with me. With 6 seconds left, the quarterback threw for a touchdown, and it was intercepted! I screamed so loud! I beat my dad by 1 point. I called the house and he picked up screaming "shut up, just shut up." I did the evil villain laughter for like 5 minutes. Now my team is 2-0, I'm ranked third in the league. Not bad for a girl :)


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