Thursday, September 17, 2009

I got the juice!

I am going to learn how to sew. My momma used to make clothes for us all the time and looking at all these sewing blogs in my google reader has inspired me. Since my style is so basic, sewing really is the perfect hobby for me. I would get one pattern, 5 fabrics and BAM! I'd be set. I have a skirt pattern picked out that I like, I'm going to make 5 of them. Then I'm going to get a dress, and make 5 of them. Then I'll get a blouse, and make 5, then I'll be ready to make pants, you guessed it, 5 of the same pattern. Then I'll be ready to move on to the next pattern and repeat the process. Well tailored clothes make everybody look better and I think that's what I need. I LOVE dresses, but can't wear them because my bust is a size 4 and my bottom half is ummm, much bigger. Custom fit baby! My mom is already about to plan a trip to New York for us to buy some fabrics, although I think she just likes to find any excuse to go up there.
We're going to start practicing on Saturday. My mom already has some old stuff lying around that will be my test patterns/fabrics. I'm really excited! Of course, if it doesn't work out and I'm horrible at it, I'll cut out the patterns and fabric and ask my momma to do all the sewing. If she can sew 100 bookbags for the children in Africa, surely she can sew some clothes for her favorite daughter. She also has an embroidering machine. I should design my own logo! I'll be making polo shirts with my custom logo on it. Oh! I think I'm going to embroider some fall decorations for our apartment. Man, my creative juices are flowing, I can't wait (please don't let me suck, please don't let me suck). Do any of y'all sew? Any tips? Would you try it? What are your hobbies?


laughing808 said...

I've always wanted to take up sewing. I passed on taking the class in high school opting to take typing instead.

But that sounds like a good plan. Let me know when you ready to take orders for others, LOL. You can count on me for a few skirts.

I'd think pants would be the hardest, so saving that to learn last is a good idea.

Oh, my hobbies include reading, shopping, watching TV/movies

Anonymous said...

I tried to sew one weekend. My project was to try to hem some pants. I bought a sewing machine and everything!

On Monday, the sewing machine was returned, and the pants went to alterations.

Good luck with that.

Nerd Girl said...

Ummm, no. I took Home Ec in high school and made the cutest little romper - don't laugh, they were all the rage waaaay back then. Put that bad boy on and it promptly split down the side. My career as a seamstress was very short-lived!

I may try it again one day when I have some time - whenever that is!

I like your idea of basically creating a uniform - good luck!

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